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Alfa Romeo GTV-6 Trunk Strut

Easy Ways to Find the Causes behind Alfa Romeo Gtv-6 Trunk Strut Problems

Just imagine if you need to raise your arms for hours just to keep your trunk open. Good thing, there's an Alfa Romeo Gtv-6 trunk strut that can do the job for you. With its superior strength, this trunk strut can support the frame of your trunk while you're loading your cargo. But when it gets old and worn out, it will begin to show signs of weakness. Learn how to troubleshoot these signs and symptoms by reading the following:

Poor resistance

Poor resistance refers to the strut's inability to hold pressure. When a strut becomes too weak, it won't be able to keep your trunk open for a long time. The strength of a strut greatly depends on the piston rod. It's a metal bar that supports the weight of the trunk. To determine if the rod is still in good working condition, you should conduct a visual inspection. Open the trunk, locate the struts, and check them for signs of corrosion. Rusty struts become brittle, which makes them prone to breakage. Therefore, it is a must to replace old and corroded struts to maintain the normal operation of your trunk.


You've been hearing a lot of strange noises lately whenever you're opening your trunk. This strange noise is produced when there's extreme friction between the metal components of your trunk struts. Originally, the piston or rod and the housing tube are coated with chrome, silvery finish to reduce friction. However, the paint chips and flakes over time. In diagnosing this problem, you need to take a better look at the trunk strut. Park the car in a well-lit area so you can see the small mounting bolts clearly. Replace any rusty screws and lubricate them to inhibit future corrosion.

Complete failure

If you're using a hydraulic trunk strut, you need to follow a new troubleshooting procedure. A hydraulic trunk strut operates differently from a standard strut. It consists of several parts: the piston and a tube that contains gas or hydraulic fluid. If you're having some troubles with your strut, you should inspect it for leaks. Feel the edges of the strut to locate the seepage. Once you've confirmed the leak, you have to replace the entire strut because the tube alone is irreparable.

  • How to Save Your Alfa Romeo Gtv-6 Trunk Strut from Failure

    You don't need to have super powers to save your Alfa Romeo Gtv-6 trunk strut from damage and corrosion. All you need is time and effort to follow a strict maintenance schedule. By doing this, you can save not just your trunk strut from breakage. You'll be able to save your pockets, too, from being out of cash. If you need some care advice and tips, simply read the following procedure:

    Fight off corrosion

    Corrosion is a deadly enemy. Fight off corrosion even before it starts by applying anti-rust chemicals. There are various products in the market such as oil and WD-40 lubricant that can help prevent corrosion. Spread ample amount of this lubricant on the joints and rods of the strut to prevent rust. It can also smoothen the overall operation of the struts.

    Endure harsh weather conditions

    Protect your trunk struts from harmful weather like rain and snow. Rain can cause corrosion, while snow can make your strut freeze. The best way to evade them is by keeping your trunk tightly closed. This will prevent snow and rain water from getting inside your trunk. Take extra care of hydraulic struts because the fluid can get as hard as ice on cold seasons.

    Secure tightly

    Inspect nuts and bolts regularly to make sure that your struts are securely attached. Tighten the mounting screws as often as possible, so they won't come loose. Replace rusty bolts right away so they won't get stuck. Old bolts can be very hard to remove because their threads are already damaged.

    Offer protection

    Don't play with your trunk, so the struts won't get stressed. Avoid leaning on the trunk or hanging heavy stuff from it. Too much pressure can break the piston or the rod, which causes total trunk strut failure.

    Combat dirt

    Your trunk struts are still prone to dirt and dust even if they are installed inside the trunk. That's why you should never skip regular cleaning. Removing these contaminants prevents corrosion. It's also a very efficient way to prohibit these particles from entering the hydraulic cylinder. Use metal cleaner to keep your struts fresh and dust free.