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When it comes to aftermarket auto parts with OEM fit and quality, Allmakes OEM parts are wise choices!

Allmakes OEM offers a wide array of parts ranging from major to auxiliary components, all premium in quality.

The Allmakes OEM acc. belt tensioner assy is a high-quality assembly that ensures proper belt operation at all times.

All Allmakes OEM parts are ideal as replacements to damaged and failing stock components.

Remember the last time you played tug of war? Winning this game is determined by the technique employed by players, not their size, although size is also useful. The technique is to tense the belt or string and then pull it together instead of yanking the string immediately. The operation of the acc. belt tensioner assy in your auto can be considered along this line. This assembly keeps the belt in a tensed position to ensure that there will be no slack and that it will not slip even under extreme conditions like high revolutions and extended drives. To ensure a reliable tensioner function for a long time, you need a more durable assembly: the Allmakes OEM acc. belt tensioner assy. This is manufactured from heavy-duty aluminum, both the spring case and the arm, so it's more durable than other tensioner assemblies. Its composition is also even improved with its final coating, which keeps rust off the said part when installed. With all these techniques used in crafting the Allmakes OEM acc. belt tensioner assy, you can really drive in peace. And it's made to exactly fit your vehicle, so what more could you ask for? You will need no modifications when mounting the assembly and you can mount it on your own. That way, you will not need to pay a mechanic for installation. And, the additional DIY experience you'll have when installing the Allmakes OEM acc. belt tensioner assy will surely be handy in the future.