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Alternator Brush Set

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Converting the engine's mechanical energy into electrical energy for the battery is no easy feat. That's probably why your vehicle's alternator, despite its small size, contains quite a number of moving parts. Alternator brushes are just some of them.Your vehicle's alternator basically houses coil wires wrapped around an iron core, which is in turn supported by a rotor shaft. The coil wires, called field windings, receive electrical current from a set of alternator brushes and slip rings.This helps the alternator charge your vehicle's battery, allowing the battery to sufficiently power your vehicle. So it's easy to see how a faulty alternator brush set can affect the alternator's performance.Once the need arises, don't hesitate to replace the alternator's brushes. Here at Carparts, you can definitely find the alternator brush set designed for your vehicle.

• Conducts electrical current to the alternator's field windings

• Compatible with OE slip rings

• Built to endure extreme pressure and temperature, for longer service life