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With all the state-of-the-art audio enhancements that you can rig your car with, nothing can still beat the dependability of a car FM/AM radio. You may already have a highly-efficient and outstanding stereo system with all the perks like a killer MP3 and CD player but having a radio signal can keep you up to date with the traffic, give you the latest news and entertaining music from your local FM/AM radio stations.
But having a good radio signal still depends on having a dependable antenna. Without it, your radio is nothing. A car antenna, which can be any electronic structure that is made to radiate or receive radio signals and other electromagnetic waves, is a must for every car.
You may say that your vehicle's stock antenna will do but it won't last that long, may be four to six years. They won't even last that long if you live near the ocean where the salty sea air can easily corrode it. A rusted antenna needs to be immediately replaced because, it won't work that efficiently. And if you're thinking of changing your antenna or even your antenna mast, be sure to get a power antenna or even a high-gain antenna for a sure signal. Also be sure to take note of the materials that were used on the antenna for these can make a big difference on the antenna's reception quality.

Antenna Articles

  • The Automobile Basics: Antenna

    Poor radio reception? Then it's high time you checked out your antenna. Chances are, your original equipment has incurred damage after years of exposure to adverse weather conditions. Antennas, which are also called aerials, are designed to allow radio reception. When this component fails, then you can expect to hear nothing but a buzzing sound each time you turn on the radio. And no, switching between stations won't solve your problem. Sometimes when antennas fail, you may still get a bit of reception. But each word or note blasting from your radio may be interspersed with droning or static noise. Now, you wouldn't want to listen to that all day, right? So if you want to restore your radio's function, then it's best that you replace your busted antenna as soon as possible. Don't worry, because there are a lot of aftermarket brands carrying top-quality antennas. So whether you're after power or manual antennas, you won't have a problem finding one that'll work with your ride. The only possible issue you may encounter with a quality, aftermarket antenna is that the component may require some modifications. The good news is that a lot of these antennas are modifiable and may already contain all the materials you need to adjust this component's setting.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Antenna

    Having the dashboard's LCD monitor play a DVD while you're driving can pose a great danger not only to you but to other motorists and pedestrians as well. Such gadgets are best left to your passengers for enjoyment, and placed in a location where you can't see it.Your car's radio, meanwhile, lets you keep the boredom at bay without having to take your eyes off the road. To help your radio get the strongest signal, a power antenna is recommended. It's much longer than your car's stock antenna; the added length helps you get a better reception of the airwaves.It also helps when you're driving through gates, tunnels or parking lots with low ceilings. Simply retract the power antenna and you won't have to worry about breaking it. You won't even have to roll down your window because it's automatic.The best part is that it automatically retracts as you turn the ignition off, preventing vandals from taking or damaging it. Interested? Plenty of power antennas are available here at Auto Parts Deal.

    • Can capture airwaves a lot better than stock antennas

    • Retracts automatically, protecting itself from breakage

    • Can be installed in less than an hour