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Antenna Mast

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Sure, because of your car's built-in CD player or mp3 player dock, you can enjoy listening to your favorite music while driving. But sometimes, listening to your car's radio can be more entertaining. The AM and FM stations can definitely give your ears more variety: music, news, ads, traffic updates, and even live coverage of your favorite football games. But for you to enjoy all these, your car's antenna mast should be in good shape. This way, you can be sure that the antenna receives clear signals for your vehicle's radio. Unfortunately, corrosion and wear and tear on the antenna mast are inevitable factors that cause poor reception. Good thing, a premium antenna mast is affordable and easy to purchase here at Carparts. So should you need to replace your stock antenna mast, you are now at the right store.

• Comes in a vertical tubing that supports the antenna

• Ensures better AM/FM signal reception

• Relatively cheap and easy to install