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Looking for a quality light to lit your way to superb car performance? American Products Company (APC) offers the APC lights for your car, regardless of your car's type, model and make. The APC lights are sure to deliver the proper lighting with a priceless vividness, clarity and brightness. APC lights are worth your every penny.

Choose from the wide variety of APC Tail Lights and APC Headlights in our offerings and "Add to your cart now/" while supplies last. Grab the chance of getting total satisfaction and superb performance for your car with APC lights. This chance may pass you only once so grab it now.

We have all APC lights from headlights, to tail lights, to fog lights, to signal lights. Name it, and we'll give it straight to you by simply ordering now/ APC lights would not only save you from car accidents but will also give you a lot of savings. Only APC lights can satisfy your yearnings for a long and perfect light performance that other lights brands in the market cannot give. So be smart and choose APC lights to light your way to a safe and secured journey.

Don't put your and your loved one's lives at a risk by driving in poor lightings. Order APC Lights now. You won't need any money-back guarantees for you would never want to give up your APC Lights once they are handed on to you.

APC Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying APC Cold Air Intake, Tail Lights & Headlights

    Make your vehicle look good and perform better with an APC Cold Air Intake. The APC Cold Air Intake uses a high-flow reusable air filter that is positioned in the high-pressure area at the front of your vehicle. That means your engine is getting cooler air, and you get a ram effect from the filter placement. From there, the APC Cold Air Intake will route the cool air through a precision-curved, smooth duct, minimizing drag for higher flow. Cold air has more oxygen in it, and that means more combustion and more power for your vehicle. The APC Cold Air Intake is easy to install in an afternoon and its polished ductwork and multiple filter colors will give your vehicle the look you want and the power you need.
    An APC Headlight is available in an incredible variety of styles, so you're sure to find one that's perfect for your vehicle. Rest assured that good look is backed by good engineering, meaning you'll be able to see clearly even on the darkest nights. An APC Headlight combines cutting-edge European design with American know-how, using high-strength polycarbonate and acrylic construction, coupled with the latest in lens technology. The design of an APC Headlight incorporates standard halogen bulbs and Xenon projection beams to give you brighter, more focused light when you're driving down the darkest roads in the dead of night. The APC Headlight assemblies are made for easy installation and full DOT approval, creating a sharp beam pattern for bright light where YOU need it, without an annoying glare.
    Your APC Tail Light kit comes complete with the housing, lenses and bulbs you'll need to install right in the same place your factory tail lights are quickly and easily. Just unplug and unbolt your factory assembly, bolt in the APC Tail Light assembly and plug the bulbs back in. There are a wide variety of designs to give your vehicle the appearance you're looking for and are fully legal to use on the street because all the lenses are up to DOT specs.
    APC stands for American Products Company and has one of the most complete lines of restyling and high-performance accessories in the automotive aftermarket industry. APC is on the cutting edge of Euro-styled headlight and tail light production featuring flashy new designs and premium quality components.

  • Choosing the Right APC Product, For the Right Job

    APC has one of the most complete lines of restyling and high-performance accessories in the automotive aftermarket

    APC is on the forefront of Euro-styled headlight and tail light production, with flashy new designs and premium build quality

    Add an APC cold air intake to your ride for a performance part that looks as cool as the air it supplies to your motor

    How wild do you want to get with your exterior design scheme? It doesn't matterAPC has parts that will help you fulfill your vision

    APC is known for its styling accessories, but did you know they also make an APC cold air intake too? That's right, the same company that brings you your favorite Euro body mods also supplies a top-notch APC cold air intake that looks as good under your hood as your APC lighting looks on the outside of your ride. Good looks don't make your car fast, though, and an APC cold air intake is functional as well as attractive. The APC cold air intake utilizes a high-flow reusable air filter positioned way out in the high-pressure area at the front of your vehicle. Not only does your APC cold air intake get cooler air up there, but there's also a ram effect from the filter placement. Next, the APC cold air intake routes that cool air through a smooth, precision-curved duct that minimizes drag for higher flow. After that, it's into the plenum with your cool, filtered, high-velocity air. The APC cold air intake is a piece of cake to install; you can do it in an hour or two on a nice afternoon. The polished ductwork and cool filter colors will make your ride look like it's turbocharged, and with the power boost from your APC cold air intake, it may feel that way from behind the wheel too!

    If you thought your headlights were one of those components that you couldn't mess with because of legal restrictions or warranty concerns, you're wrong. Using D.O.T.-legal APC headlight assemblies, you can effect a real transformation of your vehicle's front fascia without breaking the bank. Using high-strength polycarbonate and acrylic construction, APC headlight components combine cutting-edge European design with American ingenuity to create a revolution in auto restyling. APC headlight designs incorporate standard halogen bulbs, Xenon projector beams, and all the latest lens technologies to produce brighter, more focused light on your ride. You're not stuck with one design, either: APC headlight assemblies are made in hundreds of styles so you can rest assured that you're not going to make the same APC headlight choice as your buddy down the street. If you drive a Honda and he drives a Mustang, you'll both be able to find an APC headlight application, too. APC headlight assemblies are produced for all popular models on the road today. Go take a look at some of the great APC headlight designs we haveyou're bound to find one that will produce the transformation of your car that you've been seeking.

    American Products Company, or APC as they're better known on the street, is the driving force behind the incredibly popular line of APC tail light products you've become familiar with. If you've seen a Civic, Integra, Celica, or Mustang with space-ship style rounded tail lights, you've most likely spotted an APC tail light installation. How does it work? An APC tail light kit comes complete with the housing, lenses, and bulbs needed to install right in the factory location for a perfect fit. All you do is unplug the factory assembly, unbolt it, bolt in the APC tail light assembly, and plug the bulbs back in. It's that easy to totally transform the rear fascia of your ride with an APC tail light assembly. And we do mean totally transform: There are APC tail light sets available in all sorts of crazy designs, from the familiar Euro-style APC tail light kit to the company's newest next generation APC tail light sets. The level of detail in the design and styling of each APC tail light is truly amazing, and all lenses are up to D.O.T. specs so they're fully legal to use on the street. APC tail light assemblies are available for more vehicle lines every day too, so if you thought you couldn't get an APC tail light for your car, you may be wrong. Be sure to keep checking, because there's no simpler way to instantly restyle the back of your car than by adding an APC tail light set.