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The A'pexi motto: "the exhaust system is one product on the vehicle that should never be compromised." Some of the ongoing goals of A'pexi's exhaust system division include increasing power, durability, lightness, and efficiency of its products. They say that "a premium exhaust system should, when possible, be used from the start to avoid any premature changes a few years later." APEXi exhaust systems have been engineered extremely well, in contrast to hastily developed systems that have been shown to actually lose power. A'pexi exhaust specialists are among the best in the automotive aftermarket industry, and have helped revolutionize the industry with innovative concepts. They analyze every category of manufacturing including CAD design, materials, exhaust gas dynamics, engine compatibility, welding quality, and real world use. A'pexi's other motto is "Proven quality outlasts anything else."
All A'pexi exhaust systems are considered "direct replacement" parts because they neither relocate nor modify the required factory emission control devices; therefore they comply with applicable emission laws. They don't require a CARB Executive Order (EO), by virtue of their not being "add on" or "modified" parts. A'pexi exhaust systems are also "functionally identical" to the OEM parts, during emission tests. To ensure compliance with the 95dB limit, A'pexi tests sound levels on stock vehicles before the product release.
The A'pexi n1 Muffler series has evolved/ The N1 ExTi (Expert Titanium) offers all of the quality and performance of Apex's race proven N1 Exhaust systems and also incorporates an ultra light weight titanium muffler section. For years, only A'pexi customers in Japan could obtain the N1 Titan; now however, at A'pexiUSA, the company is very pleased to be able to offer this muffler under the N1 ExTi name to the U.S. tuning market.
The N1 ExTi utilizes an immaculately constructed Titanium N1 Muffler with full stainless steel piping mated to it. The muffler section discharges through an adjustable length 115mm super heated (burnt) titanium tip and features a full titanium canister. The design of the five step adjustment range of the finisher tip allow users with aero kits the ability to extend or retract the tip in accordance with the dimensions of the rear bumper. The N1 ExTi successfully blending form with function, stands as a true lightweight version of the N1 exhaust. The A'pexi N1 series muffler is now a standard component of the import tuning industry. The N1 was the first of its kind to incorporate the classic angled muffler design which has thereby, once again, became familiar with street cars today. Arising from A'pexi' involvement in the grueling N1 endurance series, the N1 exhaust system pairs free flowing, mandrel bent piping (60.5mm N/A, 80mm for turbo applications) with a straight through design racing muffler. This combination resulted in dyno proven horsepower. A'pexi designed it with track use in mind, and with durability as having the utmost importance. The polished SUS 304 stainless steel canister features robotic TIG welding and yields years of reliable performance and an immaculate finish. A'pexi treats the mild steel piping with a special high temperature titanium particle coating. The A'pexiN1 muffler is truly the benchmark which competitors strive to emulate.

Apexi Brand Articles

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    For the traditional sport compact look and sound, nothing satisfies quite like an Apexi N1 muffler system

    High flow designs with reasonable noise output are hallmarks of Apexi exhaust products

    Don't strangle your engine with a stock exhaust system when an Apexi exhaust is so reasonably priced

    It's simple physics: You won't feel your engine's true potential without a performance exhaust system like the Apexi exhaust line

    It's unfortunate that, by the time they get to the exhaust system, most OEM manufacturers seem to have run out of design and development dollars. The result is a restrictive, easily corroded factory system, and the answer to the problem is a new Apexi exhaust system. Apexi exhaust is designed without compromises in mindwhen is the last time you heard that about a product? Of course, that's why the Apexi exhaust lineup has become the most popular exhaust component available for the sport compact crowd. No wonder, either: An Apexi exhaust system contains mild steel and stainless steel components, depending upon the corrosiveness at any given point. All stainless joints are TIG welded for strength and durability, and the flow through muffler on every Apexi exhaust is designed to produce exceptional power, not to mention that fantastic ultra-powerful sound that everyone loves. Apexi exhaust products are produced for a wide variety of import and domestic applications, with the largest coverage in the popular sport compact category. So ditch that restrictive factory system, and upgrade to something that actually works better: Apexi exhaust products are designed to give you the power and reliability that you've been craving at a price that won't wreck your budget.

    Hey sport compact guys: You know that big coffee-can looking muffler you see on all the hottest rides? Most likely, that's an Apexi N1 and if you have any sporty intentions for your vehicle, you need to see if there's one available for your ride. The Apexi N1 was first introduced as a racing muffler, and its track heritage reveals itself every time you turn the key. Durability for racing situations was designed in to the Apexi N1, with all stainless steel utilized in the canister housing and robotic TIG welding employed for all seams. The company finishes off each Apexi N! by polishing the stainless to a mirror finish for a muffler that looks as good as it performs. Even where mild steel has been used in the Apexi N1 design, a titanium coating is applied to the metal to give it unparalleled corrosion resistance. But what about performance? The flow-through design utilized in the Apexi N1 muffler ensures exceptional exhaust gas flow while still keeping sound levels down to legal limits. After all, you want the best power from your Apexi N1, but you don't want to have to deal with The Man in the process, right? So check out the performance for the dollar that an Apexi N1 can supply on your rideand find out whether one is available for your ride today!

    Very fast, or really, really fast? An Apexi muffler can bring the combination of performance and street legal volume to your ride that's so hard to correctly balance. Lots of times, you can get the power you desire, but you're not going to be remotely near street legal, or vice versa. Apexi muffler products strive to combine these two seemingly incongruous goals into one reliable unit. For example, the new PS Revolution Apexi muffler incorporates an active valve system that quiets the unit down during low RPM operation. However, when you stomp on the go pedal, the Apexi muffler pops open its active valve and lets the burned gasses flow freely. Noise goes up, but you're going so fast at that point you won't care! It's like two individual Apexi muffler applications in one convenient package. Of course, if you don't need the noise reduction capabilities of the PS Revolution, there are many other Apexi muffler designs to choose from that offer the same power production at lesser prices. Every Apexi muffler incorporates the company's commitment to power production and stellar reliability, so you never have to worry about corrosion. Apexi muffler offerings are the pinnacle of exhaust system design, so if you're serious about your performance car, order yours today.