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Your car's brakes are of utmost importance like your gas. ATE brakes doesn't only guarantee you a safe ride, but also offers a superb dust removal and heat dissipation without compromising your rotor structure.

Only ATE brakes have the standard equipment for some the world's finest cars back to the date of 1930's. We want to make sure that you continue using your car's old ATE brakes with its superb braking control. So now, we offer new replacement ATE brakes. Or you can also choose to simply replace your old stock brake with ATE brakes to boost your car's braking performance. ATE brakes offer improved stopping distance with a reduced fade.

Today's performance cars, empowered with high horsepower and torque, sure need good breaking facility. With ATE brakes, even racers can feel secured to land safe with they feet after their drift. ATE Brakes, ATE Brake Rotors, ATE Power Disc offer best stopping that better stop you to shop and add it to the cart of a smart buyer.

ATE Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right ATE Product, For the Right Job

    Some of the most famous sports cars in the world, including Alfa Romeo and Triumph, came with ATE brakes as standard equipment

    The PowerDisc from ATE brakes offers superb dust removal and heat dissipation without compromising rotor structure

    Every ATE brake disc is constructed of alloys specific to ATE, so you get performance that only ATE can provide

    ATE can supply you with a full brake replacement kit for a thorough high-performance upgrade, including calipers, rotors, and flexible lines

    ATE brakes have come as standard equipment on some of the world's finest cars since the 1930s. If your vehicle was originally equipped with ATE brakes, new replacement ATE brakes will ensure that you retain the exceptional control during braking that your vehicle was designed for. But you can still get the advantages of ATE brakes even if your car or truck didn't have them from the factory. There are several different levels of retrofit ATE brakes: You can replace your stock brake pads with pads from ATE brakes, which will give improved stopping distances and reduced fade. You can replace your pads and rotors with high-performance ATE brakes for even better stopping. Or, you can go all the way with the High Performance Brake Kit from ATE brakes, which supplies you with two slotted discs, two four-piston fixed calipers, steel brake hoses, and all brackets and assembly hardware. This system is the perfect way to add ultra high performance ATE brakes to your otherwise stock ride, and you'll get race levels of braking power hauling your car down to a stop in record times. So no matter what you drive, and what your budget allows, you can add the benefits of ATE brakes to your vehicle. Upgrade in stages or go all-out right from the start; whichever way you choose, you'll be improving your lap times and your safety when you fit ATE brakes to your car or truck.

    Forget about drilled rotors, and skip the generic slotted discsfor true performance, versatility, and intelligent design, an ATE brake disc set with its innovative, infinite-loop groove provides longer disc life, better heat dissipation, and easy installation. A PowerDisc high-performance ATE brake disc features a groove cut into the ATE brake disc in a wave pattern that not only looks great behind open wheels, but that has all the advantages of conventional rotor slots. But the ATE brake disc groove has one other really slick feature: If you can see the groove in the ATE brake disc, it doesn't need replacement. If the groove in the ATE brake disc is no longer visible, the rotor is too thin and needs to be replaced. Forget about your micrometersall you need is the PowerDisc ATE brake disc to have a visual reference for rotor wear at all times. You don't even have to take your wheels off! Of course, every ATE brake disc is manufactured from high-carbon, high-nickel steels for exceptional heat resistance up to and beyond red hot, or 700 degrees Celsius, so you're not going to be replacing an ATE brake disc very often. And when you do need to fit a new ATE brake disc set, initial machining and harsh cleaning isn't neededthe corrosion protection is built in to each ATE brake disc. So save yourself time, money, and hassles and get the best brakes in the world at the same time: Just specify an ATE brake disc set when it's rotor replacement time.