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Audi 80 Parts and Audi 80 Accessories

7 awesome facts about the Audi 80

  • Have you ever wondered why the first and second generation Audi 80 looks awfully the same as the Volkswagen Passat? It's because they share the same platform. Volkswagen, which owns the Audi brand, created a mid-size automobile platform called Volkswagen Group B platform and derived both cars from it.

  • The 1974 Audi 80, with its 4 cylinder 1.3 liter four stroke engine, managed to outdo other European cars and won the European Car of the Year in 1973. The Audi 80 won over Alfa Romeo's Alfetta and the Renault 5. It sported major advancements at that time, mainly in part of its overhead camshaft and valves.

  • The predecessor of the Audi 80, the DKW F102, was made by now defunct Auto Union. Auto Union was the merger of four German automobile manufacturers: Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. When Volkswagen bought out Auto Union from Daimler-Benz, they decided to continue with it. Volkswagen adopted the name of one of the corporations under Auto Union: Audi. Audi is the Latin translation of the word "Horch", which means listen. Incidentally, Horch is also the surname of the founder, August. In turn, it became a subsidiary; with 99.55% of shares parlayed to Volkswagen.

  • The Audi 80 had a different name based on the territory where it was sold. In North America and Australia, the Audi 80 was sold as the Audi Fox. Then in the 80s, it was renamed as the Audi 4000 for the US market.

  • The letters that preceded the Audi 80 badge determined which type of internal combustion engine it was fitted with. Though "D" (Diesel), "TD" (Turbo Diesel) and, "TDI" (Turbocharged Direct Injection) can be figured out easily, the "E" in the Audi 80E is a little bit unfamiliar, unless you're a German. The "E" stands for Einspritzung, which is German for fuel-injected.

  • The first generation Audi 80 had the first Group B Volkswagen platform, the B1. This displaced the Audi F103 series in 1972.

  • The second generation Audi 80, the B2, was designed by renowned Italian automobile designer: Giorgetto Giugiaro. Giugiaro was baptized as the Car Designer of the Century in 1999. He was also inducted to the venerable Automotive Hall of Fame in 2002 for his contribution to car and motorcycle design. Giugiaro's designs was so coveted that his services weren't bound to the automobile industry only. He also designed Nikon cameras, Beretta firearms, Apple prototypes and the "Marille", a pasta shape.

Audi 80 Parts

Audi 80 Articles

  • Audi 80 Problems

    The Audi 80 is a compact executive car that saw its run last for 30 years. Initially sold to the public in 1966, it shared the Volkswagen Group B platform with the Volkswagen Passat. There were several trims made available by Audi for the Audi 80, boasting different combustion engines. Since it has been around for more than 40 years, some of its common problems are well-documented. Here are some problems that Audi 80 owners have been experiencing with their car.


    There have been complaints about the Audi 80's engine misfiring and losing power. It's understandable if the Audi 80 is overloaded since it's already an old car. However, this problem happens even if it's on cruising speed or idling. Whenever it misfires, it appears to stall, and then it comes back to life again. In addition, there have been separate reports of it having engine problems caused by faulty fuel injections and air leaks. Models that are having this problem is the 1991, 1992 and 1994 Audi 80s.

    Drive Train

    The constant velocity balls and joints are needing frequent servicing. Technicians have recommended that these parts should be inspected at each service done with the Audi 80. This is for repairing the torn cv boots as early as possible in order to prevent replacing the CV half shaft or cv joint. Replacing the CV half shaft is costlier than repairing the cv boots.

    In addition, both 1990 and 1991 Audi 80 models were recalled on January 29, 1993 for oil problems with the axle assembly in the power train. The recall covered the draining and replacement of the differential oils with oil formulated for higher performance. This was made to prevent pre-mature bearing failure brought about by quick oil evaporation. An estimated 152,000 units were affected.

    Steering column

    On April 6, 1990, some 6600 Audi 80s were recalled for a faulty column locking anti-theft device. Some Audi 80s were fitted with improperly manufactured steering lock bolts. If it breaks, the steering wheel will remain locked even if the car has been started already. This would result to a total loss in steering control which could lead to accidents. The recall sought to replace the whole steering lock assembly, including a modified lock bolt.