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Audi A/C Condenser

If the cool air you expected when you switched on the air conditioner turned out to be a blast of warm air in your already uncomfortable vehicle, perhaps the Audi AC condenser is losing its refrigerant. The Audi AC condenser is mounted between the grille and the radiator of your vehicle, enabling it to use the airflow generated by the motion of the vehicle and the engine-cooling fan to perform its function in the air conditioning system of your vehicle. The air conditioning system in your vehicle circulates a refrigerant through a path from the evaporator, where it cools the cabin of the vehicle, through the system to the Audi AC condenser where the heat it gathered from the cabin is dissipated. The Audi AC condenser removes the heat from the refrigerant by passing it through a long tube that travels through a winding path of cooling fins, using the airflow through the Audi AC condenser to dissipate the heat along the way. When the refrigerant emerges from the Audi AC condenser, it is ready to be sent back along its path to the evaporator to cool the cabin again. This process continues to repeat as long as the air conditioner is on. If a leak develops in the Audi AC condenser, allowing the refrigerant to escape the system will be unable to cool the cabin efficiently. The Audi AC condenser can be vulnerable to damage from rocks and debris in its position right inside the grille. We carry a selection of quality Audi AC condenser replacements at great prices in our online catalog. Our site is secure, making it safe and easy to order your Audi AC condenser or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.