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Audi A4 Breather Hose

Some Causes of Common Audi A4 Breather Hose Symptoms

The Audi A4 breather hose is there to stop the pressure in the engine from building up to dangerous levels. It is also responsible for recycling some of the exhaust fuse into the air intake system. Without it, your car's engine will fail. Your car will also emit more gases than it is legally allowed to. In order to avoid getting in trouble with the law, give the breather hose a look if you ever experience any of these problems:

Differential fluid leaking

You will discover that the differential fluid is leaking first when your car leaves a small puddle on the ground. When you try to look for the source of the mess, get to the breather hose and smell it. If you get a whiff of something like oil under the component, then you have found the origin of the puddle. Differential fluid leak may be caused by the breather hose cap getting stuck and not allowing the air to escape, causing too much pressure inside the differential. When the cap finally opened at a certain pressure, the differential fluid may come along with the air. If this happens to your car, you will have to replace the breather hose.

Clogged breather hose

When you are inspecting your car's parts and you notice that the breather hose is busted up with cracks running almost halfway around, take a look at the inside of the component as it might be clogged. Because it is cracked, it can be easily contaminated by dirt and other substances, building up a blockage inside. You cannot repair the component anymore; you must replace it with a new one.

Engine misfire

If your car's engine started misfiring, check if your breather hose has a crack. This is especially common if the component is made of a non-silicone material. To solve this problem and prevent it from happening again, replace the old breather hose with one that is made from silicone.

Poor gas mileage

Another possible cause for a bad breather hose is when your car consumes more gas than it used to. Immediately replace the component before it starts to leak.

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