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Audi A4 Oil Filler Cap

Helpful Tips to Help You Fix Your Audi A4 Oil Filler Cap

Whether plastic or metal, the oil filler cap in your car can get damaged over time. That's why it's important that you learn how to fix some of the common problems related to your oil filler cap. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you fix your Audi A4 oil filler cap:

Leaking oil

If you can smell the oil burning and easily see the oil around the cap, you can safely assume that your oil filler cap has a leak. Having oil spill out of the engine block can be dangerous, so fixing this problem immediately is required. But first, you need to know the reason behind the leak. You may find the gasket to be the cause and installing a new one is the simple solution. But most of the time, the culprit is a broken, cracked, loose, or missing oil filler cap. Replacing the worn-out cap or tightening it should stop the oil from leaking.

Rust-colored sludge

You may get surprised one day to see a rustic color on your oil filler cap. Initially, you will think that your oil filler cap has already rusted. But if your cap is made of plastic, it's highly unlikely that it will develop rust. Well, if you have sludge on your cap, you don't really have to worry because this won't affect your car's driving prowess. It does, however, tell something about the oil that you use as this color can be caused by poor-quality gasoline. Also, this may just also suggest that you need take your Audi out for longer trips. Getting rid of this rust-like sludge is as easy as wiping it with a cloth. But sometimes, you will need to sand the oil filler cap to remove the hardened sludge.

Rusted metal cap

If the oil filler cap on your vehicle is metal, it can get rusted over time. Take note: this is different from the rust-colored sludge that you see on a plastic cap; this is real rust. So in order to fix this problem, you have to apply rust remover. But make sure to remove the cap first and cover the tube to avoid any object from entering.

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  • Helpful Tips to Clean Your Audi A4 Oil Filler Cap

    Although not necessarily required, cleaning your Audi A4 oil filler cap should still be done regularly to maintain it well and, possibly, extend its life. To know how to properly maintain your oil filler cap, take note of these useful cleaning tips:

    Wipe the cap regularly.

    One way to clean your oil filler cap is to wipe it using a cloth as this can remove the sludge that develops over time on your cap. You can even start a routine where you have to wipe your cap for every 3000 miles your car travels. Take note, though, that you don't have to this every day, but wiping your oil filler cap regularly can help maintain the seals around the opening tube. As a result, you can be sure that there will be no oil leaks on your engine anytime soon.

    Use a can of compressed air.

    Another way to clean your cap is by using a can of compressed air to remove any sign of dirt or debris. But you have to remove the oil filler cap first and cover the tube before you start cleaning. In this way, you're preventing particles from mixing with oil inside your engine.

    Soak your cap in solvent.

    You can soak your oil filler cap in any available solvent at home. If you're not sure which to use, you can go to an auto supply store and ask for a safe and effective solvent to clean your cap with. Keep in mind that you would want to completely remove the sludge that has developed on the underside of your cap.

    Clean with warm soapy water.

    Mixing mild dishwashing soap with warm water and using this to clean your oil filler cap is also a good idea. Just make sure that the water is really warm so it will be much easier for you to remove the sludge or buildup on the cap.

    Try cleaning with carburetor or choke cleaner.

    If you have carburetor or choke cleaner at home, then you can use them instead of buying new products from auto supply stores and save yourself some time and money.