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Audi A6 Hazard Flasher Switch

Signs of a Damaged Audi A6 Hazard Flasher

The hazard flasher of the Audi A6 has caused its owners lots of headaches. Multiple units regardless of the car's year and trim are susceptible to the problems associated with the part. The most direct solution to this is by removing the old switch and replacing it by installing a new one. Doing this is easy and straightforward. But how would you know if your Audi has been a victim of this defect? Here are some of the usual signs that tell you have an A6 with a bad hazard flasher:

Irregular flashing of or flickering hazard lights

There are many indicators simply based on observing the hazard lights that can show you that can point to a faulty hazard flasher. Some examples are a click and flash followed by sudden death, clicks only without the flashing lights, and lights that automatically turn on without your need to press the flasher button. The first step is to see if there's something wrong with the relays and fuses. Work on these first. If the problem still persists after checking the fuses, the problem really is a bad hazard flasher.

Alarm sensors switching on

The hazard lights of the A6 come on every time the car's alarm is triggered. As far as the flasher is concerned, the electrical wiring between the two is so interconnected that a fault in one part can automatically affect the other. Removing the alarm system is a rough solution to end the problem. However, doing this will also leave you with dead door locks and power windows.

Welcome home light acting up

One of the hardest symptoms to notice is when the little red triangle on the hazard button lights up but there are no flashing hazard lights and clicking sound to accompany it. For possible causes other than the flasher unit itself, you might also want to check the car's Welcome Home switch (located under the main light switch).

Non-working comfort control module

The Audi A6's Convenience Control Module (CCM) is a device that controls various electric parts like the hazard switch and windows. This is located somewhere beneath the carpet on the passenger side of the car. With heavy rain and deep flood, water can enter the passenger cabin from under the car and make its way to this electrical module and damage it.

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