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Audi A6 Ignition Coil

Four Symptoms of a Broken Audi A6 Ignition Coil

Among the car parts necessary to start up your Audi A6's engine, the ignition coil might look like one of the simpler ones. After all, there are only two coils inside its barrel-shaped body as well as two exterior poles and a high-voltage cable on top of this barrel. And yet, this simple device is used to start up your engine because it can take power from the battery. The coil then increases this voltage until it creates a spark. Because of this important function, a damaged coil can present a lot of troubling symptoms. Here's how you can diagnose a broken Audi A6 ignition coil:


The first symptom of a failing ignition coil is having unused fuel pass through your emission system. A loud popping noise, the smell of gasoline, black smoke, and a loss of power will all indicate that your Audi is backfiring.

Starter trouble

Because ignition coils are supposed to create a spark, the second symptom is having spark plugs that don't receive enough charge. You'll find it hard to start up your Audi, especially in the cold. If you eventually manage to get a full spark that starts your engine, your car will run sluggishly thanks to your broken coil.

A rough ride

When you stop experiencing a smooth and comfortable ride on your executive car, then you'll know that you're experiencing the third symptom of a damaged ignition coil. For the most part, you'll experience a sputtering engine and a lot of stalling. If you attempt to drive at a higher speed, your Audi will move rather jerkily. Finally, if you attempt to slow or stop your car, it will vibrate to a hald and will need a restart.

Engine damage

If you continue to drive with a bad ignition coil, you'll really regret it when the final symptom rears its head. Because a broken ignition coil affects the voltage traveling to the engine and because you have continued to let it run this way, your engine could sustain heavy damages. Your Audi's spark plugs will break and your engine will stop running completely. Replace your ignition coil immediately before things get this worse and you'll be happy that you did.

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  • How to Maintain Your Audi A6 Ignition Coil

    Driving a German-engineered engine, like the one that powers your Audi A6, is a great experience that actually begins in the ignition coil. This simple-looking component takes a little charge from the battery, amplifies it several times over within the loops of its two coils, and the delivers thousands of volts to your spark plugs. By starting up your engine this way, this little device can be classified as both an electromagnet and as an inductor. However, this doesn't make it immune from being damaged so you'll need to do regular maintenance checks on it to ensure that it's still functioning at its best. Here are a few ways to do so:

    Check the coil often for damages

    Look at the harness and wires

    Ensure that the harness that connects the electrical connector to the ignition coil isn't rusty or broken. If you find any rust or dirt, clean the connector and the surrounding area with an electrical contact cleaner before applying some grease on the harness.

    Look at the ignition coil connector and body

    Inspect the ignition coil for any damages and replace it if you see cracks or broken parts. Doing so ensures that your Audi's engine keeps working.

    Test the ignition coil regularly

    Bench testing

    You'll need to take your ignition coil out of your Audi, especially when you start experiencing signs that it's damaged. Use a multimeter and determine the resistance of each winding. If they fall according to the range indicated by the Audi's manual, then you won't need to replace the coil yet.

    On-the-car testing

    If you're feeling adventurous, you can test the coil without removing it from your Audi A6. Just be sure to follow all the safety precautions, including keeping your hair and clothes away from any moving engine parts. To do this test, you'll need to remove a spark plug wire and its plug individually before putting them back together again. Call up a friend and have him come over to so somebody can start up your Audi's engine. Ensure that you don't drop anything onto the empty plug socket as you use a pair of insulated pliers to find a metal grounding point on the engine. Tell your buddy to crank the engine as you concentrate on the spark plug gap. You'll know that your coil is still working fine if a bright blue spark that's visible in daylight jumps across the gap.