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Audi A6 Sun Shield

How to Know if Your Audi A6 Sun Shield Needs Replacing

Parking your beautiful Audi A6 where people can admire it properly is well and good. However, getting inside your car after an afternoon under the sun is like going inside an oven. Everything inside your car is hot from the seats, to the dashboard and the wheel. This is where the sun shield comes in. Aside from protecting your car's interiors from the sun's harmful UV rays, it also helps keep the temperature inside the vehicle cool. However, given its less durable materials, your sun shield can only last for so long. Here are tips on how to know when to replace your Audi A6 Sun Shield.


Most sun shields are made of laminate construction with insulating foam and clear mylar film inside. The side facing the sun on the other hand, is made of metalized polyester laminate finish that deflects the sun's UV rays. Its materials, though efficient, are not really durable so they are prone to wear and tear. After several folding and unfolding, the sun shield's surface will show signs of peeling and cracking. As the damage gets worse, not only does the sun shield's appearance gets less appealing, it also becomes less effective. You can use clear masking tape to temporarily hold the tear and peeling into place but eventually, you would need to replace the sun shield.


The sun shield also keeps your vehicle's cabin space cooler as it prevents heat from getting inside. When you get inside your vehicle, your dashboards and the overall temperature inside should feel cooler than the outside. This would aid A/C's effectiveness because it wouldn't need to exert too much effort to raise you vehicle cabin's temperature. However, if you have the sun shield but the vehicle still feels like an oven, then it means it's time to get a new sun shield. If you're still in doubt, just touch your dashboard and your wheel. If they feel too hot to touch then your sun shield is not working anymore.


Going inside your Audi A6, the last thing you would want is the smell of something burning. The sun's extremely damaging rays can actually cause your dashboard and electronics to melt and overheat. The scent of burning plastic is not only annoying but could also harmful to your health. For a time, there was a rumor going around claiming that heated up plastics inside the car emits cancerous chemical called benzene. Although proven to be an exaggerated tale, it is always better to be safe than sorry. So if you have a sun shield, but still stinks like burnt plastic inside your vehicle, then roll down the windows for a few minutes and consider buying a new sun shield.

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  • Extending the Service Life of Your Audi A6 Sun Shield

    Don't you just love it when it's scorching hot outside but, you feel instantly cooler the moment you get inside your Audi A6? Your sun shield lets you touch your dashboard and turn on the A/C without having to cringe. Your seat feels comfortable and your driving wheel is not hot at all. You don't even want to think about summers without your trusty old sun shield. However, unlike most of your car parts, the sun shield is made of rather light and flimsy materials. This is the reason why sun shields are replaced more often. But don't despair; here are some tips on how you can prolong the life of your Audi A6 sun shield.

    Wipe it clean

    Despite the fact that your sun shield spends most of its life inside your vehicle, dust can still accumulate as they pass through the vents. Make sure your clean you sun shields once in a while. Some sun shields are made of non-woven fabric so you can clean them with a damp cloth or wet wipes. However, most are made of polymer laminate which disagrees with moisture. If your sun shield uses a foil-like laminate, then you can just wipe away the dust with a soft cloth.

    Handle with care

    One of the main reasons behind a damaged sun shield is ironically, not the sun or heat but, the people. Manhandling your sun shield causes the laminate to deteriorate. Grabbing and shoving it carelessly in the back of the car can cause tears and peelings. You must remember that, unlike most of the parts in your Audi A6, the sun shields are made of light materials and need to be handled with a little care. There are fold types and then, there a roll types, both types of sun shields need a little gentleness when installing and putting them away. Don't just grab the sun shield lest you want to buy a new one.

    Save or replace

    When it comes to saving your trusty old sun shield, clear masking tapes are the way to go. Hold minor peels and tears by taping them back to place. Remember that this is only a temporary fix though. The minor tears can turn into major ones so easily. Make sure that you have accepted that your sun shield will need to be replaced eventually.