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Audi A8 Parts and Audi A8 Accessories

Audi has always been making its own way to be commonly successful in the world of the automotive industry. The thought of making new cars of the Audi has been intuitively pushing the BMW and Mercedes aside and leading the pack in the luxury market of sedans.

The Audi A8 is more aggressive than its predecessor, showing the flat front end that has a short overhang. The tail is high and imposed an overall pronounced wedge shape that gives a sporty outlook. The new A8 and its body components have been significantly reduced by using larger castings and extruded section. This surrounds the fully enclosed aluminum space frame. The A8 possess a fully aerodynamic underbody and flush window seals. Looking from the front exterior part shows an entirely new face of the A8. Framed with sizable intakes and clear glass on the flat, with broad headlamps, and cornering lights, states more unique features.

The A8 has made a lot of improvement when it comes to handling. Its suspension is a newly developed adaptive air system. This entirely replaces the previous A8's conventional setup and has a dynamic, comfort, and automatic modes. The A8 is opting to feature a suspension that's firmer than the standard Dynamic Mode and includes a 0.8-in. lower ride height. Its running gear measures from 17-19-in. diameters and is shod with high performance rubber.

The automotive excellence of the Audi A8, it has pioneered its automotive design, performance, technology and safety with its own determination. With their uncompromising and luxurious cars, for Audi, it's all about seeing beyond the horizon to elevate their cars to a marvelous standard. Every part of the Audi is apparently made with great quality and durability thus, giving once driving experience a great performance.

Audi A8 Parts