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Audi A8 Quattro Parts and Audi A8 Quattro Accessories

Six Fun Facts to Know about Audi A8 Quattro

  • 2005 Audi A8 quattro carries a 4.2 L diesel V8 engine that is said to be Audi's most powerful engine for a passenger automobile. It can reach a power of up to 322 hp and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in only 5.9 seconds. The difference includes molybdenum steel crankshaft, aluminum cylinder heads, and a catalytic converter that has oxidizing capabilities.

  • The 2003 Audi A8 quattro and front-wheel drive model is one of the most memorable vehicles of the make. Its advertising campaign consisted of a large budget that can afford a production that lasted for almost a year. This included an estimated number of 600 people including creative specialists from Audi and advertising agencies, photographers, directors, actors, composers, and a symphony orchestra. It all paid off when it became a rough competitor against Mercedes S-Class immediately after its release in UK.

  • The Audi A8-quattro or otherwise-has appeared in a couple of action film car chases. In the 2010 movie From Paris with Love, a badass CIA John Travolta sets off a rocket launcher from the car's passenger window. The third Transporter movie, on the other hand, revolves around Frank Martin and his bracelet that would explode if he gets more than 75 feet away from his Audi A8L W12.

  • On the fourth episode of the third season of Modern Family, patriarch Jay Pritchett was seen driving an Audi A8. Pritchett is the father and grandfather to the two central families in the series. Judging from the fact that he is a successful businessman with a preference for luxurious houses and extravagant cars, it might be an Audi A8 quattro.

  • Car owners would have imagined driving an Audi A8 quattro coupe. In 1997, this would have become a dream come true as a two-door A8 was unveiled. The prototype had no central pillar but came with a roofline that is gradually sloping. Unfortunately, it was decided not to produce the model due to expected low sales figures.

  • The 2010 model of the Audi A8 is a pioneer in Audi's Multi Media Interface (MMI) navigation. It works with the help of a high-capacity hard disk. In the MMI navigation system, all a driver has to do is write his or her destination on the touch-sensitive screen with his or her finger.

Audi A8 Quattro Articles

  • Audi A8 Quattro Problems

    The Audi A8 quattro is a luxury sedan that aims at the wealthier market. Its aluminum frame and panels make this particular model a cut above the rest. Also because of the aluminum Audi A8 quattro parts, the vehicle is significantly lighter compared to other luxury cars in the showrooms. However, since its release in 1994, there have been some common issues reported from the model. Following are some problems that will help owners take care of their A8 quattros better.

    Speed control

    Countless Audi A8 quattro owners reported of having the gas pedal stuck after pressing it while driving on the road. There were even road accidents reported where damages were involved because of this particular problem. However, this is usually caused by a loose floor mat that breaks free from its retaining clips. The loose material holds on to the pressed gas pedal and keeps it from rising after being pressed. This problem results in unintended acceleration where most drivers panic, causing road accidents. In cases like these, a driver should stay calm and free the gas pedal from the loose floor mat.

    Air bags

    In 2006, Audi made a recall concerning air bags. This is due to the deactivation of air bag in the front passenger's side, making it a detrimental risk when a collision occurs. This problem is caused by low voltage emission of the battery, causing the control unit to set a fault code. Once a fault code is set, the system automatically deactivates the air bags. In this particular recall, the bag control module software was updated.


    Another common problem in the Audi A8 quattro parts involve the steering system-the tie rod seals in particular. It may be possible that the seals protecting and attached to both ends of the tie rod might not shut as effectively as others. This exposes the swivel bearing to countless contaminants, making it wear faster. This may result in loss of steering control which is a serious problem on the road.

    In 1999, Audi made a recall for this particular problem wherein the tie rods were replaced with new ones that have better seals. An approximation of 51,900 Audi A8's was affected by this issue.