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Audi Alternator

If you have noticed some changes in the operation of some of the electrically powered accessories in your vehicle, such as slow moving power windows or a dimming of the lights when you hit the window switch, your Audi alternator may have seen better days. The Audi alternator can fail slowly, producing a reduced level of power as it does. This is made possible by the use of three separate charging units that work independently inside the Audi alternator, each producing their own supply of power in turn. The Audi alternator produces the electrical power necessary to keep the battery supplied with enough power to run the complex electrical system in your vehicle, while still holding a full charge to start your vehicle in the cold morning air. The Audi alternator accomplishes this task by using the mechanical energy of the engine crankshaft to function, transmitted by a serpentine belt. This enables the Audi alternator to produce alternating current electrical energy that is channeled through diodes to convert it to direct current energy that can be used to charge the battery. If any of the three separate charging units fail, the remaining units can continue to produce energy at a reduced rate that will keep your vehicle running, but may not be able to maintain the efficient function of some of those electrical accessories that draw heavily on the electrical system. If your vehicle has shown the signs of an Audi alternator is fading away, replacing it before it fails completely would be wise, avoiding the hassle of a breakdown. We carry a selection of quality Audi alternator replacements in our online catalog at very reasonable prices. Our secure site will make it fast and easy to order your Audi alternator or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.