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Audi Antenna

If you turned the radio on for a little lift on the way to work in the morning, only to find that you could get nothing but static, your Audi antenna is very likely the root of your problem. The Audi antenna is the component that is supposed to bring the signal in from your favorite radio station to liven up your ride to the daily grind. Your vehicle's radio can do nothing but make awful noises without the help of the Audi antenna. The radio station you are trying to tune in broadcasts its programming out into the air with an electromagnetic signal that your Audi antenna is specifically designed to pick up and transmit to your radio through the wires that connect the two. There the radio becomes the responsible one, decoding the signal and transmitting it through the speakers for you to hear. If your Audi antenna has lost its connection to the radio with loose or broken wires, this process will be interrupted and static will be the result. If your power antenna will not completely extend you will have poor reception to the radio, or a broken or bent Audi antenna will also interfere. If corrosion or that trip to the carwash have loosened your Audi antenna it can be left to flop around with the wind and create the annoying problem of reception that fades in and out as your drive. If these types of problems have been ruining your day, the Audi antenna is quick and simple to replace with just a few tools, and we have a selection of quality replacements at very reasonable prices in our online catalog. Ordering your Audi antenna will be quick and easy, whether you use our secure site or our toll-free phone line.