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Audi CV Boot

The Audi CV joint is a very important component in the propulsion of your vehicle. The torque power of the transmission is transmitted to the drive wheels of your vehicle by the CV joint. This joint is quite vulnerable to failure if not protected from the dirt and debris of the road and the extremes of the elements. The Audi CV boot is designed specifically to fit and protect the CV joint from these conditions, helping to ensure the smooth and efficient function of this crucial component. The Audi CV boot forms a waterproof shield around the CV joint to protect it from contamination, and is packed with grease to keep the CV joint well lubricated for smooth operation. The Audi CV boot can become cracked or broken over time from normal wear and tear, and should be examined on a regular basis for such damage. Developing a habit of inspecting the Audi CV boot at every oil change can save the trouble and expense of replacing a CV joint that has failed from losing the protection of the Audi CV boot. This type of failure can happen quite quickly without the prompt replacement of a torn Audi CV boot, as such damage allows the loss of the protective grease and may allow dirt to contaminate the joint. Even a small amount of abrasive dirt can cause failure in the CV joint. Our online catalog features a selection of quality Audi CV boot replacements, all at great low prices. Our site is secure and user-friendly, making it safe and easy to order your Audi CV boot replacement or if you prefer, you can place your order on our toll-free phone line just as conveniently.