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Audi Driveshaft

The Audi drive shaft is an essential component that transfers the torque, or rotational energy, from the engine to the drive axles. The vehicle drive axles then use that torque to power the wheels and propel the vehicle. The design of the Audi drive shaft is relatively simple, but it serves a complex and vital role in the everyday operation of your vehicle. Without the proper function of the Audi driveshaft, the basic purpose of the vehicle cannot be performed, which is the motion that provides you with everyday transportation. The Audi driveshaft is held in place by several joints, called the universal joints, that are designed to allow a certain amount of movement in the Audi driveshaft, giving it the flexibility necessary to hold up to the motion of the vehicle suspension. This flexibility helps to spare the Audi driveshaft from damage as the vehicle passes over bumps or uneven surfaces. The Audi driveshaft often includes a sliding or telescoping joint to add flexibility as well. The Audi driveshaft must be straight and balanced to perform its function efficiently, and avoid the potential of vibration damage as it is turned at the speed of the engine. A bent or damaged Audi driveshaft can cause extreme vehicle vibration and noise, as well as damage to vital drive train components such as the transmission, making it extremely important to repair or replace the Audi driveshaft promptly when a problem is indicated. Our user-friendly online catalog features a selection of quality Audi driveshaft replacements at great low prices. Our site is secure and well organized, making it safe and easy to order your Audi driveshaft and our toll-free phone line is just as convenient if you prefer to order by phone.