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Audi Fan Blade

Audi fender flares are a functional and attractive vehicle accessory that can help to protect your vehicle from wear and tear while adding a great look. Audi fender flares extend the wheel well area of the vehicle to help shield the body from more of the rocks and debris that is often kicked up by the tires to hit the vehicle, helping to prevent the damage to your vehicles finish that such objects can cause as they strike. Every scratch or chip in the finish of your vehicle is an invitation for corrosion to begin its nasty job, ruining the appearance of your vehicle. There are various sizes of Audi fender flares, offering differing levels of protection to your vehicle. The SUV with its higher ground clearance and larger tires often is more vulnerable to the debris that can fly up from the road, as the more aggressive tires can toss up quite a bit of gravel and grime and the additional ground clearance gives it plenty of room to fly. There are wider Audi fender flares available for protection of these larger vehicles, adding as much as three inches to the width of the wheel well to help deflect the rain of debris. For smaller vehicles, there are less aggressive styles of Audi fender flares, giving the needed protection with a sleek custom look. There are many style and finish choices available to compliment the look of your vehicle whether you drive a luxury sedan, family wagon, or a sporty model. We carry a selection of quality Audi fender flares in our user-friendly online catalog. Our secure site makes ordering safe and easy or our toll-free phone line is available to take your order just as conveniently.