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Audi Fender Flares

The Audi fan blade generates the flow of air that the engine-cooling fan uses to moderate the operating temperature of the engine. This makes it a very important component in the function of the vehicle cooling system. There are two main types of the engine cooling fans, one in which the Audi fan blade is powered directly by the engine with the use of a belt and pulley drive system, and an electric cooling fan system that drives the Audi fan blade with an electric motor. The cooling system in your vehicle dissipates the heat of the engine with a liquid coolant that passes through the engine to absorb some of its heat from the metal surfaces, reducing the temperature of the engine. The coolant then passes on through the system to the radiator, which uses a flow of air to cool the liquid as it passes through the cooling cores. When the vehicle is moving at higher speeds, the motion generates enough air to help the radiator do its job, but at slow speeds or at idle the assistance of the Audi fan blade is necessary to create a flow of cool air. In most vehicles the Audi fan blade rotates only when its airflow is necessary, resting when the flow from the motion of the vehicle is sufficient to cool the engine. However, in older vehicles with a belt driven system made before the variable speed fan was in common use, the Audi fan blade spins continuously as the engine runs. We carry a quality selection of the Audi fan blade in our online catalog at great low prices. Our site is secure, so ordering your Audi fan blade is safe and easy or you can use our toll-free phone line to place your order just as conveniently.