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Audi Fog Light

If your Audi came without a factory installed Audi fog light set, you can resolve that matter quickly and easily, and, fortunately, without undue expense. There are many affordable Audi fog light kits on the market today. A typical Audi fog light kit will contain everything you need for a smooth installation process, except for, of course, the tools you need to complete the process. However, the tools required to install the basic Audi fog light kit are rather run of the mill, and are usually a part of the average do-it-yourselfer's home tool set, with nothing out of the ordinary being required. In addition to a detailed set of installation instructions, the average Audi fog light kit will include the wiring harness you need, often pre-wired and ready to go, the fog light lamps, the bulbs, which, depending on the style of Audi fog light kit you choose, may be long lasting halogen bulbs, and those familiar amber-yellow colored lenses, often made of durable plastic. Installing the Audi fog light kit yourself won't take too much of your time and, even with little automotive experience, you'll be able to complete the task in an afternoon, and much less than that if you already have a bit of repair experience. You'll find a variety of Audi fog light kits in our online catalog, with varying degrees of performance and some may feature the clear Euro-style fog light lenses. If you do mostly city driving, the average Audi fog light kit will serve you just fine, but if you do a regular commute in from a suburban or rural area, you may want to consider one of the higher performance versions, as you're much more likely to encounter heavy fog on a regular basis. Our online ordering system and toll-free telephone number make it easy and safe to order the Audi fog light kit of your choice.

Audi Fog Light Models