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Audi Headers

Adding a set of Audi headers to your vehicle is an affordable and simple way to add a bit of horsepower and torque to your vehicle, improving vehicle performance. A set of Audi headers can even help to improve your fuel economy, as a more efficiently running engine uses its fuel better. The reason your engine runs more efficiently with a set of Audi headers is that the headers will help the exhaust to be expulsed from the combustion chamber in a less restricted fashion, which means that the engine will not have to use precious power to push it out. In a sense, it is not really accurate to say that a set of Audi headers adds horsepower to your vehicle, because what the Audi headers actually do is to help your vehicle to use the horsepower that it already has more efficiently, freeing horsepower from pushing exhaust to be used for other purposes. Another advantage to using a set of Audi headers is that because the hot exhaust, fresh from the combustion chamber and still carrying the heat of the burn, is moved out of the engine compartment faster, your running temperature is likely to be lower, on the average, which is good for the overall health of your engine. When you browse our online catalog, you'll notice that there are a variety of Audi headers available, with different degrees of performance. Often the higher performing versions are available with attractive finishes, as well. You can order the Audi headers of your choice easily and safely online or with a fast toll-free phone call, which will connect you with one of our helpful associates.