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Audi S6 Wiper Blade

Audi S6 Wiper Blade Troubleshooting How-To's

Admit it; watching your Audi S6 wiper blade go up and down when you are caught in a rainy day's traffic jam is fun. We have yet to find out what makes a moving blade very entertaining but we are guessing that there is some form of sorcery within this. What we DO know is that the wiper blade will not always be in good condition. Soon enough, the blades will show signs of wearing out and fail to do their job. We discussed the reasons behind the common problems with the wiper so you can be prepared for them. It is in times like these when a little know-how is better than sorcery.


The problems of smearing is the streaks left on your windshield after a drive that had your wiper running. The marks caused by the Audi S6 wiper blade can be caused by three factors: (1) the blades are worn-out, (2) you are using a sub-par windshield cleaner, and (3) the blades are too dirty to clean.

Wearing out is something unavoidable so let's focus on the other two factors. There is a chance that dirt, dust, or even pebbles built-up in the wiper blade assembly. Although dirt and dust cause streaks, the bigger concern is the pebbles (or other bigger objects, like bugs) since they can scratch your windshield. There is also a chance that the windshield wiper fluid you are using is sub-par; using cleaners that have too strong chemical content can harm your windshield's coating.


There will also be times when you notice that the wiper blade shakes when it cleans the windshield. The shuddering can be caused by a dirty blade or a loose blade. A small pebble or too much dirt buildup in the blade can prevent the blade from resting flatly on the windshield; there could be a bump somewhere. Also, a loose wiper blade assembly can give extra space for movement; since the blade is not bolted on securely, it is bound to shake every time.


The case of noisy wiper blades is a bit similar to the case of shaking blades. But aside from being too loose on the assembly, noise can be heard if the wiper blade assembly lacks lubrication. Since the blade is a mechanism of screws and bolts, it is bound to rust and make noise when there is too much friction.

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  • Taking Care of Your Audi S6 Wiper Blade

    We're guessing that whoever invented the wiper blade was a major workaholic for wanting to go to office despite rainstorms and typhoons. Also, we think that someone needs to go back in time and stop that person from inventing it. Why? Think about it; if that person didn't invent wiper blades, then we all would have a valid reason not to work when it rains: "We can't see the road." But since we are now living in world with wiper blades, we have no choice but to keep them in good shape and make sure they do the job. To help you out, we listed some tips on how you can take care of your Audi S6 wiper blade.

    Clean it regularly

    Since your Audi S6 wiper blade is very exposed to the environment, a buildup of dirt or dust is very possible. Dirt and dust can slowly be collected inside the blade, while pebbles and even insects can enter the assembly. We recommend that you clean the blade at least four times a year. Doing so would prevent the blade from causing streaks and save your windshield from worse damage.

    If you want to take an extra step in maintenance, we recommend that you wipe the blades after driving on a dusty area; this would prevent the eventual buildup of dirt. It would be great if you have a cloth in your compartment for this purpose so you can clean the blades even during out-of-town or overnight trips.

    Check the mounting

    The constant shakes of a drive and the up-and-down movement of the wiper are enough to slowly loosen the blades' assembly. We recommend that you check the torque on the bolts of the mounts at least twice a year. But you could opt to do so every time you notice excessive shakes and/or noise when the wipers are running.

    Also, it would be great if you would check for possible buildups in the assembly. Since you are already accessing the mounting, you might as well inspect it for intruders (like dirt, stones, insects, or Alice lost in wiper wonderland). A quick clean wouldn't be too much of a hassle.

    Apply water repellant on the windshield

    Water repellants for the windshield make it easier for the wipers to clean the surface. There are a lot of repellants out in the market; it doesn't really matter which brand you go for. We recommend that you apply the product every three months.