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Audi S8 Parts and Audi S8 Accessories

Some Fun Facts about the Audi S8

  • Robert De Niro's 'Ronin' and Jason Statham's 'Transporter' series both used Audi S8s. For Ronin, it was an earlier model Audi S8 4.2 quattro, while for the Transporter movie, a luxury Audi A8, the S8's full-size version, was used. Aside from De Niro and Statham, Kevin Costner and Ben Affleck have also driven or met the Audi S8 in their respective movies.

  • The S8, like the A8, is produced using an all-aluminium monocoque, which is dubbed the 'Audi Space Frame' (ASF), and is likewise produced at Audi's Necksarlum plant, known as its 'aluminum plant'.

  • The S8 shares a trait common in most of Audi's 'S' series vehicles. It is fitted with Audi's trademark quattro four-wheel drive (4WD). The S8 uses the Torsen-based 4WD system, which is a permanent 4WD system.

  • The Audi S8 comes complete with Valcona leather-covered seats. Valcona leather is used on cars in the S8 line. It is described as being more grainy and firmer, which gives a vehicle a more sporty appeal.

  • It was introduced into the European market with an initial 6-speed transmission and a 5-speed transmission in later models. The Audi S8 was marketed as a high-performance version of the Audi A8, in the vein of Mercedez-Benz AMG models.

  • The 'S' heritage of the S8 can be traced back vaguely in the middle '80s. During these times, the S1 rally car was at the top of its peak. This car rallied in the world rally championships. As far as comparisons go, though, the S8 is nothing like a rally car.

  • The Audi S8 has, as one of its innovations, an 'Advanced Parking' system. This refers to the parking system which integrates a rear view camera and an output displayed on a Multi Media Interface (MMI). Both the MMI and the Advanced Parking system are packaged as optional additions to an S8 purchase.

  • The S8 was developed as Audi's answer to rival car maker's 'S' lines. These different 'S' lines include the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Lexus' LS, and the Maserati Quattroporte.

Audi S8 Parts

Audi S8 Articles

  • Common Issues with the Audi S8

    The Audi S8 is a lightweight car from Audi that features a lightweight, aluminum-based body. It is marketed as being the car that fulfills the role of top-of-the-line for both the A8 line and the S line. It incorporates a downsized and upgraded V* engine for maximum performance and economy. While it looks as if everything you're looking for in a car is there, there are still some problems inherent with this model. Here's a look-see at some of the more common complaints with the S8.


    There has been a spectacular problem involving the thermostat of the S8. So spectacular, in fact, that even though it's minor, it has affected a lot of models from the 2001 model up to the 2010 model. This is due to the thermostat being stuck. This stuck thermostat then compounds the problem, leading to the Check Engine Light lighting up. An even worse problem translates into overheat of the engine.

    Oil Leakage

    An oil leak is one of the problems that is most common with the S8. It may start out as a harmless leak but with time, the problem may worsen to include leakage in the transmission fluid or something far worse. This problem is commonly experienced with Audi S8 models ranging from the 2001 to the 2010 model. Most commonly, the issue starts off with problems involving the propeller shaft seal on the rear-side transmission. New Audi S8 parts are recommended in solving this problem.

    CV Boots and Joints

    There have also been reported cases of S8s with problems about their CV boots and joints. Torn CV boots fails to keep oil within a joint, which is a problem. A well-lubricated CV joint is needed for a half shaft to work properly, and without it, there is an annoying (and rather bad sounding) click accompanying each turn of the vehicle. It is for this reason that a replacement may be necessary to keep these CV boots and joints in working condition.

    Other minor issues

    There have been other cases wherein the S8 failed to give the best satisfaction to the buyer. In these cases, there are some problems reported with the clogged drains. A clogged drain can seriously affect an S8's overall performance and can seriously damage S8 accessories as well. Parts that may be affected include the vehicle's interior, brake booster, or electrical components. Damage to these parts may result in a real loss of money, not to mention a loss of life.

    Flooding in these parts may be attributed to clogging caused to the grills at the bottom of the windshield. Sources for these problems may come from outside factors such as debris falling into the grills, or leaves, which are more common at home.