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Audi Spark Plug Wire

Your Audi spark plug wires are an essential part of the ignition system of your vehicle, and should be replaced periodically over the lifetime of your vehicle to ensure that they continue to perform as well as they should. Some automotive professionals suggest that the Audi spark plug wires be replaced yearly, with the annual tune-up. Considering that the Audi spark plug wires are responsible for transferring up to 10,000 volts of electricity to the spark plugs, in order to begin the combustion process, and endure great deal of heat and stress in their position under the hood, this seems like a pretty solid recommendation. As the Audi spark plugs begin to succumb to the daily wear and tear that they are subjected to, the begin to lose their ability to efficiently manage the electricity that passes through them, which can result in difficulty in starting the vehicle and misfiring. If you look the Audi spark plug wires over carefully, and note that the insulation is starting to crack and discolor, they are probably already starting to have difficulty in performing and you may want to go ahead and replace them. Installing a new set of Audi spark plug wires is a fairly simple task, as long as you approach it with care, working with just one wire at a time, rather that removing them all at once. If the order of the Audi spark plug wires gets mixed up, the vehicle will run poorly, if at all. You can place your Audi spark plug wires order online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number.