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Audi Wheel Bearing

Your Audi wheel bearing is the part of the wheel that helps to hold the wheel on the axle. If you hear a growling, grinding sort of a noise coming from the wheel while the vehicle is in motion, there is a strong possibility that you may have a problem with your Audi wheel bearing, such as a lack of lubrication or simple wear. If you suspect a problem with your Audi wheel bearing, you can get a more definite grasp on the situation by jacking up the vehicle, taking all sensible precautions to avoid the vehicle falling on you and causing serious injury, and taking a hold of the suspect wheel and trying to wiggle it from side to side. If it goes smoothly back and forth, it is safe to assume that you need to replace your Audi wheel bearing. This is a time consuming project that you should plan to make an entire day available for and if you are not mechanically experienced, you shouldn't even try it without excellent guidance of the sort you'd find in one of the well-written and very detailed repair manuals that we have available for your vehicle. Replacing an Audi wheel bearing is not the sort of repair you want to get lost halfway through. You can order your Audi wheel bearing replacement online or via our toll-free telephone number and, with our efficient order processing, you can expect that is will soon appear on your doorstep.