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Audi Wiper Arm

Your Audi windshield wiper arm is what holds the windshield wiper blade, and the part that is put in motion by the windshield wiper motor, sweeping the wiper blades across the glass, keeping your field of vision nice and clear, making it much safer to operate your vehicle during challenging weather circumstances and allowing you to clean your windshield when necessary, with the help of the fluid sprayed by your washer pump. While, for the most part, an Audi wiper arm can be expected to last for years, with many lasting the life of the vehicle, on occasion the need to replace an Audi wiper arm can arise. Perhaps, instead of standing outside in the miserable cold, chipping away at the ice and snow, you succumbed to the temptation to let the wipers do the work, and discovered exactly why that is not recommended when your Audi wiper arm snapped. If that was the case, be grateful, you could have burned out the motor, which is a much bigger expense. Vandalism is another source of many Audi wiper arm replacements. Fortunately, replacing an Audi wiper arm is not a very difficult repair to make and, especially when you make your selection from among our numerous aftermarket replacement parts and accessories for your Audi, it is not usually an inordinately expensive one. Since we offer free ground shipping for all orders over $50, increasing your savings even beyond our regular low prices, you may want to add a fresh pair of wiper blades to your order, as you'll need them soon anyway, to take advantage of the free shipping. You can order your Audi wiper arm and any other parts and accessories that you may need using our secure online ordering or you can place your order via our toll-free telephone number.

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