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AutoMeter is the number one brand of automotive gauges in the world today.

AutoMeter carries an extensive range of monitoring gauges such as speedometers, tachometers, and everything in between.

AutoMeter offers various designs and styles for gauges to fit every driver's preferences.

For the best and most trusted driver feedback equipment, AutoMeter is the brand to beat.

Keeping tab on the current status of the vehicle's engine and transmission Is easy with AutoMeter Mechanical Trans. Press. Gauge. This transmission pressure gauge is part of AutoMeter's popular Sport Comp series that features AutoMeter's trademark rugged racing styling and accuracy. The AutoMeter Mechanical Trans. Press. Gauge has white illumination around the dial for added visibility as well as attractiveness. It also has red and green bulb covers for a unique and customized look. The chrome bezel adds to that sleek and modern racing style that is much sought after by drivers, especially racing enthusiasts. This mechanical air pressure gauge also includes 6ft. nylon tubing, 2 1/16, 150 PSI, and NPT Adapter Fittings. Perfect for customizing the dashboard of any vehicle, the AutoMeter Mechanical Trans. Press Gauge has that classic but stylish look that will definitely make your car's interiors look so much better. The white illumination around the dial allows drivers to see the air pressure easily. AutoMeter's gauges are also guaranteed high quality so you can expect this particular Mechanical Trans. Press. Gauge to serve you for a long time. This gauge is just another top-notch product from AutoMeter, the leader in gauges, tachometers and other automotive parts.