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Auxiliary Fan Assembly

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A 5-Step Guide to Auxiliary Fan Assembly Installation

When your vehicle's built-in fan isn't enough to cool down the radiator and the engine block, the auxiliary fan is there to help. This dependable cooling machine is usually located in front of the radiator assembly. It is responsible for cooling down the air-conditioning condenser, the radiator, and the entire engine bay. With this huge responsibility, it is normal for the auxiliary fan to wear down and fail at some point. When the interior air vents start to produce warmer air or you begin to hear annoying noise from the front portion of the radiator assembly, you probably have an auxiliary fan dilemma. In case you decide to install a new auxiliary fan, you can follow this helpful guide. This project can be done in an hour.

Required skill level: Intermediate

Needed tools and materials

  • New auxiliary fan assembly
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Screwdriver
  • Preparing the vehicle for the project

    Use the floor jack to lift your vehicle. If you are planning to pull the auxiliary fan from below, make sure to lift the car higher to give you ample room beneath the hood. After putting up the jack stands, detach the negative battery cable.

    Removing the radiator covers and miscellaneous parts

    Remove the protective coverings located at the top and bottom portions of the radiator and the condenser. If you think the installation will cause damages to the fog light lenses, you can opt to remove them as well. Use the screwdriver in removing the abovementioned parts.

    Taking out the busted auxiliary fan

    You will have to unbolt all the screws holding the broken auxiliary fan in place before removing the electrical wirings connected to the fan assembly. Most auxiliary fan assemblies have six mounting screws. Remove all of them from top to bottom using the screwdriver. Unplug the power connector. After that, pull the entire auxiliary fan assembly away from the mount. You have the option to take it out from the top or bottom portion of the hood.

    Installing the replacement auxiliary fan

    Slide in the replacement auxiliary fan assembly. Make sure that the frame is correctly positioned on the mount. Tighten all the screws to secure the new fan assembly in place. Reconnect the electrical wirings that provide power to the auxiliary fan.

    Testing the new fan assembly

    Before you re-install the radiator covers and other parts, test if the fan is properly working. Reconnect the negative battery cable, and start the engine. Check if the new auxiliary fan is operating quietly. If it isn't working, check and tighten the power connector. Once everything is good, put all the radiator covers and the fog lamp lenses back. Remove the jack stands, and put your vehicle down.

    Tips and warnings

    • Once you have removed the old auxiliary fan assembly, you can use compressed air to clean the fan mount and the condenser.
    • For easy access on the top screws that hold the fan assembly, you can unbolt them through the grille using a 12-inch extension.

    Auxiliary Fan Assembly Articles

    • TYC Genera vs. VDO: Which Brand has the 'COOLER' Auxiliary Fan?

      It is the major responsibility of the auxiliary fan to cool down the radiator as well as the other components of the engine block. Since it plays a vital role in the overall dynamics of the vehicle, it is important for you to get a replacement unit that spells extreme durability and superior cooling power. When you hear about automotive cooling systems and auxiliary fans, TYC Genera and VDO are two of the most recognized brands. Both claim supremacy in endurance and temperature-decreasing capability, but each brand's list of perks and features goes on. To aid you in choosing the perfect auxiliary fan to match your vehicle, here is a quick and useful guide:

      Product range

      VDO offers a wide range of car cooling system components, which include cooling modules, cooling motors, and auxiliary fans. This brand also sells the individual components of the auxiliary fan assembly separately. Their auxiliary fans are available in single or dual units. The same goes for the cooling product selections of TYC Genera. The brand also offers the cooling systems and their components in sets or individually.

      WINNER: TYC Genera and VDO


      To test the cooling prowess of both brands, we installed a VDO auxiliary fan in one of our two BMW E34s. The second BMW E34, on the other hand, received a TYC Genera auxiliary fan. After a series of road tests in various temperatures and driving conditions, both cooling fan brands proved their ability to provide extra cooling capabilities to our road surfers. The radiators and engines of both E34s were cool and steady even in higher temperatures and longer driving periods. Vibrations were low, and the normal operation of the fans produced zero to low noise.

      WINNER: TYC Genera and VDO


      TYC Genera and VDO both have a price range of $90 to $400 for their auxiliary fans. With this rate, TYC Genera and VDO will be able to cater to consumers in different levels of spending capacity. Moreover, the prices of the products of both brands also depend on the package inclusions as well as whether the auxiliary fans are single or dual.

      WINNER: TYC Genera and VDO


      In terms of the warranty offerings, most of the auxiliary fan products manufactured by TYC Genera and VDO have a 12-month or 12,000-mile manufacturer warranty.

      WINNER: TYC Genera and VDO

      The judgment

      VDO and TYC Genera auxiliary fans both performed well in the series of comparisons and tests that were conducted. They were basically even in all criteria including the performance, product selections, price range, and warranty coverage. Whichever brand you choose, you will definitely enjoy the benefits and features of a top-notch auxiliary fan assembly.