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Axle Assembly

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Is your vehicle beginning to make those grinding and jarring noises when shifting gears? Your axle assembly might have a problem. This sort of problem usually happens to off-roaders, especially to SUVs.
This is most prevalent to vehicles that travel difficult terrain for the road. It can give much stress to an axle assembly. The road's bumps, turns and potholes and immoderate shifting can really damage a drivetrain, especially its component parts. The axle shaft can give much stress to the CV-joint (constant velocity) or even a U-joint if not properly handled. The gear transfer should be seamless. This could be done if the parts are meticulously greased and are protected from outside elements like dirt.
Certain steps must be always followed to make sure that your drivetrain assembly is always working fine. The boot or the rubber gasket that protects a CV-joint from dirt and other elements should always be inspected for leaks. Contamination inside the axle assembly can cause much damage for the joints. And repairing is not an easy job to do. Simply flushing contaminants from the drivetrain assembly won't do... and often times, it even worsens the problem. It is so messy and it has a high degree of failure. A small amount of contaminants can really destroy your axle assembly's joints.
Replacing individual axle components may be satisfactory but buying a new axle assembly is even worst. Keeping your axle assembly free from contaminants is a must. But if worse comes to worst, you need an auto parts store which can give you OEM quality axle assembly parts.

Axle Assembly Articles

  • Axle Assembly: Just the Facts

    That grinding noise from your vehicle may be a sign of damage. One of them is a faulty axle assembly. This type of damage is common to vehicles that regularly pass through rough and uneven terrain or carry heavy loads, like SUVs and pick-up trucks. Your vehicle's axle assembly is a load-bearing assembly that links two wheels on opposite sides together. The axle assembly is carefully designed to pass on rotational force coming from the transmission to the wheels of the vehicle. The transaxle is the most common type of vehicle axle. It typically encases a differential and a manual or automatic transmission. The other type is called the drive axle or live axle. This type of axle contains the differential. Finally, the least known type is the non-driving straight axle, which connects the wheels together without the differential. Whatever type of axle assembly you need, Auto Parts Deal is the right store if you are looking for a topnotch axle assembly for your vehicle.

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  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Axle Assembly

    Bring out the best in your vehicle handling and performance with a new axle assembly.
    Gone are the yesteryears when you still enjoyed simply constructed kiddo cars. Now, what used to be your cool kid stuff is already a real automobile, with all the accessories and pompous layout. It has wheels attached to an axle assembly, plus complete parts and systems that make it fully operational.
    The axle assembly is the drive train part that takes the gross weight of your vehicle, together with its cargos, while bearing all the forces in your auto as you accelerate and brake. There are different types of axles according to structural features. The straight one is used in trains and in the rear axle assembly of heavy-duty vehicles. Meanwhile, the split-axle is used in passenger vehicles while the tandem axle is perfect for autos carrying greater weight. Axles can also be classified according to their drive. Front-wheel driven vehicles have transaxles, the combination of transmission and the front axle assembly. Rear-wheel driven ones, on the other hand, have a live axle. This axle receives rotational force from a driveshaft driven by the engine. There are also those considered dead or lazy axles, not parts of the drive train but are instead freely rotating.
    With the important function the axle assembly plays in your vehicle, be it a rear or a front axle assembly, it is a must that you maintain it in good condition. When symptoms of axle damage are evident, check it at once and get a replacement when needed.