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The Banks Power Pack works by reducing your throttle response time. The Banks Power Exhaust keeps your turbine blades running faster and increases maximum air flow. Thus, the engine is kept at a temperature in which it can work best, thereby increasing engine longevity and fuel efficiency. Air flow is important to the life span of your engine, and we want to give you that.

Other performance-enhancing lines give you additional power at the expense of your engine, but the Banks Power Pack does not. Our experts at Gale Banks Engineering has carefully studied this for years, and our power kit is the fruit of that. The Banks Power Kit has undergone intense factory testing under real-world conditions just to make sure we come up with the most accurate results. Our experience and longevity in the field will attest to our credibility. We have been in business since 1958 and the Banks truck power style is our foundation.

The components of a Banks Power Pack differs slightly from one vehicle to another, but the basics include stainless steel exhaust pipes, a low restriction air cleaner, which keeps air flow smooth, and the Banks Quick-turbo turbine housing, which cools the intake air after it comes through the turbo. Banks Power Exhaust Systems are available for a wide variety of vehicles, so whatever model and make your vehicle may be, we have a power kit available for your truck.

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    Gale Banks Engineering has a touch-screen interface to "Six-Gun" diesel tuners for performance monitoring, the Banks PowerPDA. This small, portable, easy-to-read interface is an interactive portal for communicating with your engine control electronics. The Banks exhaust PowerPDA has a dash-mounted recharging station. The Banks exhaust PowerPDA's colorful display shows boost, EGT and two other user-selectable parameters. The Banks exhaust PowerPDA features six levels of adjust-on-the-fly power, times exhaust performance runs, and logs EGT and boost for review later. It reads, clears, interprets and displays on-board diagnostic codes. Furthermore, tunes and stores in a database over 20 parameters related to the Banks Six-Gun Diesel Tuner.
    Banks Monster Exhaust systems come in varieties designed for the '03-05 Dodge HEMI, '00-05 Toyota Tundra, '04-05 Ford F-150, '04-05 Nissan Titan, '91-05 Jeep 4.0L Wrangler and the '00-02 Jeep 2.5L Wrangler. These are formed with Banks' increased-diameter mandrel-bent heavy-duty stainless steel which dramatically cut back-pressure and lowers exhaust temperatures, thereby increasing power, fuel efficiency, and longevity; the tailpipe also has an adjustable positioning clamp. The Banks Monster Exhaust polished-stainless straight-through muffler flows more than twice as well as stock -- and the competition, delivering a commanding, yet though not obnoxious, exhaust note. The polished-stainless dual-wall tailpipe tip has rolled edge which stays retains its mirror-like brightness. The Banks Monster Exhaust lightweight, direct-fit-system is designed to bolt on easily. Usually fully compatible with factory warranties, the entire system is covered by Banks' Lifetime Ltd. Warranty. Banks Monster Exhaust systems have streamlined intermediate pipe and tailpipe units also formed of stainless, heavy-wall tubing and with constant-diameter bends which greatly reduce back pressure. Banks Monster Exhaust systems double-walled design has a 1/2" air gap keeping heat from tarnishing exterior mirror finish.
    The Banks Big Hoss Bundle includes features like Banks' exclusive charge-air cooler, the Techni-Cooler with its superior end tank design and enlarged boost tubes which optimize the flow of dense, cool, oxygen-rich air into the engine; Banks Ram-Air filter, a lifetime, high-flow air-cleaner element that decreases intake restriction, sending more cool, dense ram-air into your engine and outperforms conventional filters because its multi-layer design traps debris, dust and moisture on the oiled, outer surface, allowing air to move through easily; Banks high-boost compressor wheel, an improvement over previous models that undergo "compressor surge", which superheats the air, reducing performance and possibly damaging the turbo; Banks' polished-stainless steel Monster muffler, replacing the factory's typically restrictive muffler, with Banks' designed expansion chamber that eliminates the annoying mid-range exhaust droning sound so prominent in straight-through mufflers; Banks' exclusive DynaFact electronic gauges, offer precision that surpass mechanical gauges. The Banks' pyrometer measures exhaust-gas temperature (EGT), accurate within 15 Fahrenheit at its maximum operating temperatures; its jeweled, spring-loaded, movement resists vibration, with an easy-to-read 0-1500 F face. Banks' 0-50 psi boost gauge monitors turbo and power performance. They include a 2-gauge mounting panel, with pillar-mount and/or top-mount options available. These features are available in the Banks Big Hoss Bundle depending on the vehicle model.

  • Choosing the Right Banks Product, For the Right Job

    Increase torque and horsepower in your diesel truck by over 25% with the installation of a Banks Power Pack

    Factory testing is done under real-world step-type conditions to give you meaningful performance statistics

    Exhaust gas temperatures are closely monitored to assure you won't damage your engine under even the harshest conditions

    Made in the U.S.A. from superior materials, the Banks Power Pack is built to last

    A Banks Power Pack system is designed to enhance the performance of your vehicle to the highest degree possible. Since 1958, the Banks company has been making practical and high performance parts for diesel and gas vehicles, with a focus on trucks. Today, Banks manufactures a variety of high performance parts, including the Banks Power Pack, for trucks, sports utility vehicles, motor-homes and automobiles. Created to increase the performance and efficiency, and thus, the mileage, of diesel engines, the Banks Power Pack is especially useful for trucks that tow trailers or carry significant weight, as well as for motor homes. A Banks Power Pack will help to make driving up hills easier, by increasing the throttle response time by moving the turbine blades faster and cooling the flow of air, keeping the temperature down to the levels that are best for the engine. The Banks Power Pack is made up of various components that work together seamlessly, thanks to the decades of innovative research and design that Gale Banks Engineering has invested into their efforts to produce the best products possible. The basic components of a Banks Power Pack, which may differ slightly according to the vehicle's make and model, include a low restriction air cleaner, which is important to keep the all-important air flow smooth, stainless steel exhaust pipes, and the Banks Quick-turbo turbine housing, an after cooler, which serves to cool the intake air after it comes through the turbo. These are just a few of the components and parts that make the Banks Power Pack such an important part of superior performance.

    Banks Truck Power is truly something to behold. Gale Banks Engineering has been in business since 1958, and the Banks truck power style is the foundation of this company. That is because for many years increasing the performance of trucks was one of the primary focuses of Gale Banks Engineering, especially during the 1970's when the nation experienced gas shortages. Responding to the needs of the time, Gale Banks Engineering, combined their famous Banks truck power techniques with an engineering quest for improving gas mileage without sacrificing power. Their innovative designs have influenced many in the automotive manufacturing industries. Gale Banks Engineering has a specific approach to their Banks truck power product designs. Rather than sacrifice longevity to high performance, Gale Banks Engineering prefers to base their high performance Banks truck power products and systems on concepts and designs that achieve both. That is where their superior engineering and research skills come into play. According to the Gale Banks Engineering understanding, that which the high performance Banks truck power systems are based upon, air flow is essential to the longevity and general health of the engine, and should not be sacrificed to increase power. Certainly not when there are ways to have both, as Banks truck power system have proved again and again. That is an important aspect of high performance Banks truck power systems that differs from the numerous other manufacturers that have chosen, to one degree or another, to make that air flow sacrifice. A Banks truck power system is sure to satisfy, both in the short-term and in the long-term.

    A Banks power exhaust system is a smart addition to you vehicle, serving not only as an eye catching and attractive addition which those shiny, sleek stainless steel pipes certainly are but also to improve the performance and longevity of your engine. Banks power exhaust systems are available for a wide variety of vehicles, including the Dodge HEMI, the Toyota Tundra, the Jeep Wrangler, the Ford 150, and the Nissan Titan. The Banks power exhaust system id designed to promote the maximum flow possible, as well as to significantly reduce backpressure. This serves the engine in three ways. By contributing to keeping air and gas ratios at proper levels, it helps to promote higher fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the superior design of the Banks power exhaust system serves to increase the life span of the engine and boost performance. A Banks power exhaust system is easy to install and will perform its important tasks dependably for a good long time to come. In fact, the makers of the Banks power exhaust system, Gale Banks Engineering, are so confident in their craftsmanship that each Banks power exhaust system carries with it a sturdy warranty from a company that has enjoyed almost a half century of success and customer satisfaction. A Banks power exhaust system is the after product of years of careful research, design and testing, under a variety of driving and weight conditions. There are many proud distributors of Banks power exhaust systems, as well as the other Banks power systems, and you'll have no trouble finding a banks retailer serving your area.