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Cold Air Intake by Banks

If you want to improve your performance and power, you have to get cool air to your engine. That is why Banks Ram-Air Intake Systems are designed as they are. These Ram-Air intakes are designed to allow the optimal flow of air into your engine.

With a smoother design and no corners for airflow to get trapped in, the Ram-Air intakes simply move more cool air than stock intakes do. Cool air has a higher volume than the hot air normally surrounds your hot engine, and that denser air carries with it more oxygen. With more oxygen being forced into your combustion chambers, the greater the rate of combustion because the compound being combusted - the fuel in this case - has to be oxidized.

Because of their design, Banks Ram-Air Intake Systems can offer big increases in airflow into your engine. That means more horsepower and more torque go directly to your rear wheels. Integral in the air intake's design is the 7-and-1/8" air filter, which allows for a high volume of airflow by virtue of its size. Plus, the air filter is further made more effective because of its eight-layer, 360-degree design.

What's more, the duct work and the filter covers in the Banks Ram-Air Intake System features streamlined designs to minimize any sort of resistance the airflow could meet in the intake system. After all, there is a fine line between an effective air intake and an ineffective one, and curtailing even the most marginal resistance can lead to big gains.

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