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Exhaust System by Banks

Improved airflow is of utmost importance when you are tuning your truck, but this airflow is not simply limited to the air getting to your engine. Exhaust flowing out of your engine requires attention, as well, to keep your truck running at peak performance. Banks Monster Cat-Back Exhausts are designed for this exact purpose.

Your truck's exhaust system begins at the exhaust manifold - or at the headers, if you have them. From here, exhaust fumes pass through the catalytic converter and the muffler, finally flowing out from your truck. Banks Monster Cat-Back Exhausts replace the part of your exhaust system between the catalytic converter and the point at which the exhaust leaves your truck. The most important aspect of these cat-back exhausts' design is to get exhaust to flow out while limiting backpressure.

Backpressure restricts that outward airflow, causing your engine to put out less power. One design aspect to maintain airflow is simply making this section of the exhaust larger. The Banks Monster Cat-Back Exhaust has a diameter of 4 inches, which is advantageous for the continuous flow of exhaust, as gas flows better when not under pressure. Furthermore, the muffler is polished and stainless to avoid any aberrant spots on the metal that could hamper airflow.

The spun ceramic of the muffler also allows for greater airflow, as much as three times greater than what a stock muffler would provide. Finally, the 5-inch rounded tailpipe offers a large outlet for the muffled exhaust to exit rapidly and freely.

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Banks Exhaust System Articles

  • Banks Series: Monster

    Banks Exhaust System

    Optimal airflow is necessary on both sides of your engine - airflow going to it and airflow going away from it - for real performance and power gains. Banks Monster Exhaust Systems are designed to enhance performance and to give a performance look to your truck.

    First, the intermediate pipes and the tail pipes are larger than the stock pipes at 3 inches. This size alone can account for an increase in exhaust flow of 71 percent over stock systems. This means exhaust exits your pipes more quickly. With that exhaust goes all the hot gas that otherwise would keep your engine area warmer and hinder performance. Next, the muffler is designed to reduce backpressure by more than 90 percent while doubling the capacity for exhaust flow.

    The muffler is designed for exhaust to pass straight through rather than to swirl around and build up pressure. And at a diameter of 3 inches, it has the capacity to handle all that exhaust and to get it through without any trouble. Also, the Banks Monster Exhaust System's muffler has an expansion chamber to help silence road drone and to make the exhaust sound more throaty but civil, as well.

    Finally, the Banks Monster Exhaust System finishes off with a 5-inch polished, stainless tailpipe tip with a rolled edge. The tip id double-walled to allow enough room for exhaust to pass freely while keeping a buffer between the hot air and the mirror finish to keep the tips looking good for years to come.

  • Banks Series: Stinger

    Banks Exhaust System

    The Banks Stinger Exhaust System is specifically designed for trucks that do a considerable amount of towing and other such heavy-duty work. The system is designed to deliver continuous, usable power for towing.

    Depending on the model of your truck, you can expect gains of around 70 horsepower and around 130 foot-pounds of torque at the rear wheels. All the while, it should also be efficient enough to show gains in fuel economy, as well. The Banks Stinger Exhaust System comes with an OttoMind6 Diesel Tuner, which is specifically for trucks that do a lot of heavy towing.

    The tuner has six levels of power you can adjust as you go, and it automatically adjusts power output for a variety of conditions. Also, it has a number of built-in safety features to prevent it from interfering with your truck's other electronics. The Stinger system also features the Banks Power PDA Vehicle Command Center, which monitors all of the engine's components and its performance. The system also features a Ram-Air air-inlet casing to bring cooler, denser air into the engine.

    Finally, the Banks Stinger Exhaust System features a Monster exhaust and muffler, both of which combine for better exhaust flow and reduced backpressure. At the same time, the Monster muffler is designed to reduce road drone noise and give your truck a throaty yet civil sound. Note that the Monster exhaust can come in singles or as Diesel Duals. The split duals are for single-rear wheel applications only.