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Intercooler by Banks

Cooler air is denser and contains more oxygen. An oxygen-rich fuel mixture burns better and produces more power from the engine. That is why getting cool air to the engine is of great importance when tuning your truck and the reasoning behind the Banks Techni-Cooler Intercooler's design.

A stock intercooler often simply cannot keep up with the needs of a heavily tuned engine, and Banks' goal in creating this intercooler was to remedy that. The first step in the creation of this intercooler was to increase the size of the cooling core. With up to 27 percent more cooling volume than stock cores, the Banks Techni-Cooler Intercooler core can cool more air at once.

It is also up to 20 percent thicker than standard stock cores. The end tanks are also larger to allow for the smoother flow of air, as gas flows better when given more room. That reduction in resistance directly translates to more power. Also, the use of aluminum rather than plastic creates a more durable cooler that can insulate against the hot external temperatures produced by the engine. Finally, the overall design features fewer corners, kinks and flattened areas than stock intercoolers that otherwise would hamper airflow.

The net result of using the Banks Intercooler is greater continuous, usable power greater overall performance from the engine. With these intercoolers, you truck could produce as much as 130-140 extra foot-pounds of torque. As an added bonus, the more oxygen-rich fuel and cooler exhaust also improve fuel economy.

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