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Battery Brain offers an innovative solution to preventing a dead battery.

Battery Brain products can be used in dozens of applications and different types of vehicles.

Battery Brain uses the latest in battery technology.

Battery Brain is used in fleet, armed foreces, services, breakdown recovery, haulage and freight.

One of the most common mistakes car owners make is leaving their cars parked with the headlights still running. When they come back, their cars won't start anymore. That's because the headlights have drained all the life out of the car battery. This is a common incident borne out of lack of care. It can happen to any driver who's running late or making a quick run to the grocery. Impatience will really get you nowhere but trouble. Smack yourself silly if this ever happens to you. Or you could get the Battery Brain Battery Charge Protector. While it's no miracle cure for absent-mindedness, it could keep you out of sticky situations with a dead battery. What it does is to keep an eye on the charge level of your battery. If it falls down from normal, this device charges it up back to full. It's as simple as that. Installing the Battery Brain Battery Charge Protector is even simpler. You simply connect the two cables to the two terminals on your battery and that's it. It's like a babysitter who keeps kids out of trouble. With this device, you'll car will always be up and running at the turn of the key. What are you waiting for? Get the Battery Brain Battery Charge Protector now!