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Fan Clutch by Beck Arnley

Beck Arnley Fan Clutch: What You Need to Know

When your engine starts to overheat and your fan clutch shows no signs of trying to cool it down, do you just go to your nearest auto parts store to get the first Beck Arnley fan clutch you see? Getting a new Beck Arnley fan clutch without knowing all the options might just make you go for the wrong component. To help you out, here is a summary of what you need to know about the Beck Arnley fan clutch:

Non-thermal Beck Arnley fan clutch

  • Why it's a good choice: A non-thermal or torque-limiting fan clutch typically costs a couple of bucks less than its thermal counterpart, so it is a wise choice for those who need to replace their faulty fan clutch but don't have a big budget. Since it is always engaged, it also gives a consistent cooling performance.
  • Where does it fit: This product usually works well as a replacement for a standard stock fan clutch in smaller vehicles and for normal driving applications.

Thermal Beck Arnley fan clutch

  • Why it's a good choice: The thermal Beck Arnley fan clutch is a great choice for several reasons. Since it is equipped with a thermostatic coil, this product only operates when it is actually necessary. By providing more efficient cooling, it puts less stress on your engine, runs more quietly, and improves your fuel efficiency at the same time. The thermal Beck Arnley fan clutch also has three designs that can cater to a wider range of vehicles and applications: the standard-duty fan clutch, heavy-duty fan clutch, and severe-duty fan clutch.
  • Where does it fit: Each thermal Beck Arnley fan clutch is specifically designed to work as an OEM replacement, so you can find an exact match for your vehicle. However, whether a standard-duty, heavy-duty, or severe-duty thermal fan clutch is the right one for you depends on your vehicle's airflow needs. In general, a standard-duty fan clutch goes well with standard sedans and light trucks. For vehicles that haul and tow, a heavy-duty or severe-duty Beck Arnley fan clutch would be the better pick.

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Beck Arnley Fan Clutch Articles

  • What the Beck Arnley Fan Clutch Has to Offer

    Better airflow, a cooler engine, and a boost in fuel mileage are just a few of what each standard-duty, heavy-duty, or severe-duty thermal Beck Arnley fan clutch has to offer. With such high-quality construction and premium-grade materials, this fan clutch definitely promises a performance that is as good as that of a stock fan clutch in prime condition. But does this product actually deliver? Check out what the heavy-duty Beck Arnley fan clutch can offer:

    How well does it perform? (4/5 stars)

    The cooling performance that the heavy-duty Beck Arnley fan clutch brought to the table gave it a well-earned rating of four out of five stars. Once it replaced the faulty fan clutch on a Nissan Pathfinder, the boost in airflow was almost immediately noticeable. The overheating problem was resolved, and the fan engaged and disengaged at the proper temperature range. A slight improvement in the Pathfinder's air conditioning can also be felt after installing this product. On the down side, it tends to be a bit noisier than the stock fan clutch especially when the Pathfinder is on idle. As for the advertised increase in fuel mileage, it is still too early to tell if this product actually has a significant effect.

    Is it easy to install? (4/5 stars)

    Surprisingly enough, this component was actually easy to set up, and no special tools were needed to complete the installation. The fan clutch simply bolted on with the help of a few nuts and machine screws. For a more experienced DIYer, setting up this fan clutch would probably only take about a half hour give or take a few minutes. With such a quick and easy installation process, this product definitely deserves four out of five stars.

    Is it worth the price? (4/5 stars)

    With a price range that falls between an ordinary fan clutch replacement and an OEM product, and quality that is very much like the factory component, this product easily grabs a four out of five rating. With the added benefit of an easy installation process, this product definitely gives you more than what you paid for.

    Overall rating: 4/5