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Bed Rail Cap

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The bed rail cap ensures that even if you step on your pickup's bed rails when loading and unloading cargo, they won't incur damages. This component sees to this by covering your bed rails and absorbing the blows meant for them instead. As a result, you won't have to worry about dents or scratches appearing on the surface of your bed rails. Now to help the bed rail cap do a good job, each one is constructed from premium materials like aluminum and stainless steel. This makes it resistant to warping and gives it the ability to absorb impact more effectively. It even comes with a tread pattern to give you better footing in case you need to step on them. Aside from providing adequate protection, the cap help enhances your vehicle's appearance by giving it a sleeker look. Finally, to make it easy to install, this component is packed with screws, double-sided tape, and bolts to help set them in place. Thanks to the hardware that comes with this device, you won't be forced to drill any holes into your bed rails and cause further damage to your ride. To avoid inflicting any type of damage to your bed rails, make sure you invest in a bed rail cap. By doing this, you can load and unload cargo without having to worry about ruining the quality of your bed rails.

Bed Rail Cap Articles

  • Dee Zee vs. Bushwacker: Which Brand Provides Better Bed Rail Caps?

    Dee Zee and Bushwacker are the leading brands when it comes to bed rail protection. But which one is better, really? We can help you choose which brand to go for with our guide.

    Product Range

    Dee Zee bed rail caps can be made of plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. Bushwacker bed rail caps, on the other hand, are all made of plastic. The same thing (number of options) pretty much applies to the offered bed rail cap types of both brands. Dee Zee bed rail caps are available in wrap, non-wrap, smooth, and diamond styles. Bushwacker only offers them in smooth and diamond styles.

    Apart from the various material and style options, Dee Zee also offers its bed rail caps in a variety of colors and finishes. And since Bushwacker bed rail caps are all plastic, you'll have very limited choices when it comes to the finish of the brand's bed rail caps.

    Winner: Dee Zee


    Double-sided tape, a hidden mount bolt pack, and screws are involved in the installation of Dee Zee bed rail caps. The presence of screws means that you'd still have to do a bit of drilling to attach the caps on your bed rails. Bushwacker bed rail caps, however, don't require any drilling at all. The brand's caps attach to your truck's bed rails with Bushwacker's trademark screw-clip mounting system and 3M high-bond tape.

    Winner: Bushwacker


    While some may feel that Dee Zee bed rail caps are quite pricey (they're sold for as much as $150 to $200), do remember that the rather expensive ones are the stainless steel variants. The brand's more basic products-those made of plastic and aluminum-are priced at around $100. That puts Dee Zee's basic bed rail caps at around the same price range as their Bushwacker counterparts.

    Winner: Tie

    The Verdict

    Dee Zee and Bushwacker are pretty much equal in most of the discussed categories. Both offer fairly priced products that are easy to install on your truck. The only major advantage of Dee Zee over Bushwacker is its range of products. With those said, simply make your decision based on your preferred material and design. You really can't go wrong either way.

  • Installing Bed Rail Caps in Four Easy Steps

    Aside from enhancing the aesthetics of your pickup, bed rail caps also protect your bed rails from damage and the like. That's why it's definitely a good idea to install bed rail caps. Doing so isn't hard and won't take much of your time, anyway.

    Required skill level: Novice

    Needed Tools and Materials

      Lint-free rags

      Rubbing alcohol


    It's important that your pickup's bed rails are free from dirt, dust, and other impurities before you install your brand-new bed rail caps. This is to ensure that the bed rail caps' adhesive wouldn't have any problems sticking. With those said, clean the bed rails of your pickup with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free rag. Make sure to cover all the areas.

    Measuring the caps on the bed rails

    You can start measuring the bed rail cap on your pickup's bed rail once you're done with the cleaning. Place the bed rail caps-without exposing the adhesive-on the bed rails. Do this to verify their fit and the proper orientation.

    Exposing the adhesive covering

    The first two steps are basically preparation phases. This next step starts the actual installation process. With that said, take one of the bed rail caps and lay it on the ground with its bottom side (the one with the adhesive) facing you. Now, remove the plastic that covers the adhesive. Do the same for the other cap. Make sure that nothing touches the adhesive except for the bed rails.

    Placing the caps

    It's time to place the bed rail caps over the bed rails. Don't allow them to touch the rails until they're perfectly positioned, though. Otherwise, you won't be able to relocate them without ruining the adhesive. Once the bed rail caps are properly aligned, secure them in place.

    That wasn't so difficult, eh? Congratulate yourself on a job well done!

  • How To Install A Truck's Bed Rail Cap

    If you own a pick-up truck, you'll know that scratching and bending your truck's bed is unavoidable and the bed caps are one of the parts most prone to getting damaged while hauling supplies over. That's why it's important to replace your pick-up truck's bed rail cap as soon as possible to protect your rails from dings, dents, scratches, and other forms of damage. Installation of a new bed rail cap is relatively easy and straightforward. Do it yourself just by following this simple guide.

    Required skill level: Intermediate

    Needed tools and materials

    1. Rubbing alcohol
    2. Lint-free rags
    3. Grease pencil

    Getting ready for the task

    Before putting on new bed rail caps on your pick-up truck, make sure that the area is clean and free of road dirt and grime so that the tape will adhere properly. Use your automotive soap and water to clean the truck bed. De-wax the areas of the bed next to the cab including the bed cap, tailgate cap, and the front cap. Rub these areas with a rubbing alcohol and a lint-free rag to remove all residues.

    Marking the edges of the truck bed

    First, you need to make a mark at the top edges of the truck's bed. These marks will serve as your guide when you install the adhesive tape later on. To do this, you have put your new bed rail cap into place but without the adhesive tapes yet then carefully mark its outside edge with a grease pencil.

    Installing the new bed rail caps

    Peel off then place the double-sided adhesive tape on the leading edge of the front cap that's facing the tailgate. To ensure proper adhesion, press the tape down firmly with about 30 pounds of pressure. Now, you have to peel off the front-cap tape to expose the adhesive part where the cap will be attached. After that, position the new cap carefully on its intended position and press it down firmly again. Repeat this process when you put the driver's-side and passenger-side bed caps in place.

    Tips and warnings

    Using a clean rag, wipe away all the marks left by the grease-pencil along the side and tailgate of the truck bed.

    Leave the bed rail caps to set for two to three hours and do not wash it for two to three days to make sure that the new caps are properly adhered to the truck bed.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Bed Rail Cap

    Its rugged, handsome looks and diversified functions are probably some of the reasons you chose a pickup truck to be your vehicle. A pickup truck gives off a tough vibe that sets the vehicle apart from others on the road. And aside from that, a pickup truck's spacious cargo area makes the vehicle ideal for cargo hauling and transporting. But to ensure that you enjoy your pickup truck longer, you need to equip it with protective accessories. Among these is the bed rail cap. A bed rail cap is designed to fit over the tops of the cargo bed's rails, protecting the tops from excess wear and tear. With bed rail caps, the cargo bed's rails are safe from the scratches or scrapes brought by heavy or sharp cargo. Bed rail caps can also improve the looks of the cargo compartment. For either upgrading or customizing purposes, you can find the bed rail cap that will suit your preference here at Auto Parts Deal!

    • Completes the structure of your pickup truck's bed rail

    • Keeps the cargo bed's rails safe from scratches

    • Enhances your truck's tough and rugged looks