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Bed Rails

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Sometimes, the truck bed doesn't provide enough protection to the cargo you load in it. If you're looking for added security for your truck's cargo, you might want to add a couple of sturdy bed rails.You'll never know when a huge bump or pothole on the road will throw your truck off balance and send your cargo flying out of the bed. With a bed rail mounted on each side of the truck bed, you can use ropes and cables to further secure your belongings.At least, you wouldn't have to keep checking your cargo in the rearview mirror each time you hit a bump on the road. Just a word of caution, though. If you're going to install bed rails, make sure to mount these rails firmly. Drilling is the best way to go when installing these rails; bolts and nuts ensure that the rails stay mounted to the truck bed no matter what.The best set of rails is that which already comes with mounting hardware. Carparts has plenty of these rails for you to choose from.

• Features high corrosion resistance

• Allows up to 1000 lbs. tie down strength

• Durable enough to last for years of use