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BedRug makes their bed liner and truck bed out of rugged, weatherproof plastic construction. It has a nonskid surface for the cargo to sit upon. The BedRug bed liner provides a firm cushion for fragile cargo, like boating or sporting equipment, golf clubs and hunting gear. The BedRug Bed Liner provides tough protection for any truck bed and is useful for preventing dents and dings. Unlike hard liners, the molded foam of BedRug's truck bed liner bottom won't scratch your truck bed. They install easily, fit snugly, and also clean up easily. BedRug bulkheads, floors, tailgates and walls are heat and pressure molded to fit each specific truck model. All BedRug bed liners feature load locking slots tie down devices, and two-tier loading.
The Bedrug Truck Liner molds the plastic foam backing of its truck bed lining to conform to the shape of the floor ribs, creating a flat cushioned floor that is very easy on the knees. While kneeling, or even lying on floor, the floor ribs are almost imperceptible. A BedRug truck bed lining make a great sleeping surface for camping, and is ideal for outdoor and sporting activities. The closed-cell foam bottom will not absorb water. Spills or stains remain on top of the stain-resistant plastic fiber surface making cleaning easy. Neither transmission fluid, oil, grease or gasoline will permanently mark the solid plastic polymer fiber of the Bedrug Bed Liner. The carpet-like plastic fiber surface of the Truck BedRug and the foam bottom of the BedRug truck bed lining will both not be harmed by acids, solvents, chemical compounds, or petroleum products. The closed-cell foam bottom or plastic fiber surface of a Bedrug also does not soak up any liquids, including pet incontinence and drink spills. One may clean these by simply blotting them up with paper towels or other absorbent material, or for dirt and spills, grease, oil or stains, with soap and water using a garden hose or high pressure washer with detergent soap. Dry dirt, such as dust, scraps, or shavings, is easily cleaned up from a BedRug Bed Liner or BedRug Truck liner with a shop or household vacuum. Odors cannot be absorbed and absolutely will dissipate after flushing all odor holding particles from the carpet.

Bedrug Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Bedrug Product, For the Right Job

    If you always use the truck bed to transport heavy cargoes, there's a big chance that this straining task would take its toll on its condition. As it continuously dealt with blows whenever these cargoes bounce or move around, the bed could easily incur extensive damage that can make it look old and weather-beaten. Now, if you don't want this to affect the appearance of your rig, you have to make sure that it's covered with an accessory that can complement its looks. But more importantly, you'll want the truck bed to be protected from further abuse. Luckily, this problem can be solved by employing a Bedrug Tailgate Cover.

    Simply put, Bedrug is a brand that has years of experience in providing unmatched protection to the truck bed. It has come up with a stellar solution to every truck owner's truck bed problem that's guaranteed effective and long-lasting-its tailgate cover. By using this aftermarket accessory, you can guarantee that transporting heavy loads on your truck won't deal excessive damage to the truck bed. It's made from heavy-duty polyutherane materials that won't give in to deterioration that easy. In fact, even if the cover is exposed to harsh weather elements, rest assured that it can still provide reliable protection.

    Installing this handy Bedrug accessory is made a breeze for regular vehicle owners and backyard mechanics alike. As it's designed to fit the contours and shape of your truck bed, you can simply lay it flat on top of the bed's surface and proceed in securing it. This product comes with the necessary components in performing the installation so you can guarantee that keeping it attached is hassle-free. Plus, with an instruction manual that can guide you through the process, there's no doubt that this job is a cakewalk for DIYers like you.