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Behr is the renowned specialist in automotive air conditioning and engine cooling systems.

Innovation, quality and environment-friendliness are cornerstones of Behr's strategy.

Since its humble beginnings in 1905, Behr has grown to become a globally recognized automotive industry supplier.

Behr is synonymous with future-oriented innovations and top quality products.

Before winter sets in, you'd probably see flocks of migratory birds flying in one direction. They're most likely headed to places where it's warmer. Some animals prefer to stick around in the cold of winter. Whatever you prefer, let the Behr A/C Temp. Switch set the right temp. for you. The a/c temp. switch is the dial you toggle on your a/c that increases or decreases the cabin temp. Since you use it frequently, it's prone to wear and damage. You'll know it's broken once your a/c no longer responds to your temp. settings no matter how hard you twist the dial. Consider yourself lucky if it's set high. Otherwise, you'd be sweating bullets in traffic when driving in midday. Just swap it out for the Behr A/C Temp. Switch. In a span of a century, Behr has become the world's third largest supplier of air conditioning and engine thermal management systems. With such a long track record of manufacturing high-end air conditioning parts, you can be sure that every Behr product will outperform and outlast ordinary OEM brands. Have complete control over your car's a/c with the Behr A/C Temp. Switch.

Your car's engine was designed to give you the most power with the least fuel consumption. But in order to do this, it needs to brew the right mix of air and fuel for combustion. It has to match the right amount of fuel depending on the temperature of air going into it. Why don't you make its job easier by giving it the Behr Air Temp. Sensor? The air temp. sensor's task is to measure the temperature of air being fed into your engine. The engine runs best if fed with cold air, but that is not always the case, especially with intense heat under the hood. That's why your engine needs the Behr Air Temp. Sensor to give it an accurate reading of how warm or cold air is. Then it could calculate the exact amounts of fuel needed to produce the most power and thus get the most miles from each gallon. Don't settle for cheap OEM air temp. sensors that break down easily. Behr has been in the air conditioning and engine cooling business for over a century now. You can count on their products to really give you your money's worth. With the Behr Air Temp. Sensor, your engine will perform at its best.

Your car's engine has a dozen of components which depend on temperature. Like stock brokers who keep a close watch on stock prices before buying or selling, the different parts under your hood function according to the temperature of your engine. Equip your engine with the Behr Engine Temp. Sensor to provide important engine components with the most accurate temperature readings possible. One such component is the auxiliary fan which helps keep the engine from overheating. But it will only work if it detects excessive heat in the engine. If the temperature sensor in your engine were broken, your auxiliary fan won't open and your engine will overheat, causing permanent damage to its parts. Keep your engine's temperature in check with the Behr Engine Temp. Sensor. Behr has been supplying customers around the world with quality air conditioning and engine cooling products for over a hundred years. You can be certain that each Behr product you buy will outperform and outlast every other OEM brand. Remember, it might only take one broken sensor for things under your hood to go out of control, causing irreversible engine damage. So keep your engine parts functioning 100 percent with the Behr Engine Temp. Sensor.