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Beru has over 100 years of experience in producing top of the line automotive parts and components.

For its reliability, economy and environment-friendliness, Beru is the choice of millions of drivers.

Beru boasts of several awards that recognize the excellent quality of its products.

The brand name Beru has come to mean high quality.

Cars don't just run on fuel alone. The engine needs air as well to complete the combustion process. But in order to mix fuel with air, the engine needs to know how warm or cold air is. Just like a mother who computes the budget for her household, the engine computes the right amount of fuel to mix with air depending on its temperature. With the Beru Air Temp. Sensor, your engine will have no problems in coming up with the proper mix. Fuel has higher density than air. That's why cold air-which has the most density-is most ideal to mix with fuel. But when air is warm, the amount of fuel needed is minimized. The Beru Air Temp. Sensor helps keep both ingredients even by providing your engine with exact air temperature readings. It's sensitive enough to detect slight temperature changes anywhere between -40 and +160 degrees Celsius. This way, your engine will be spending the least amount of fuel possible. The end result is maximum engine power at the least fuel cost. So you'll get power when you need it, without sacrificing your car's fuel economy. With the Beru Air Temp. Sensor, you'll have more miles per gallon from a smoother running engine.

There's nothing worse than a power outage. Heat builds up inside your house and makes things unbearable for you and your family. The same goes for your engine. Broken aux. fan resistors will cause the auxiliary fan to lose power, leaving immense heat buildup inside your engine. Better replace them right away with the Beru Aux. Fan Resistor. The aux. fan resistor's job is to regulate the flow of electrical power into your auxiliary fan. By limiting the flow of electricity, resistors allow your auxiliary fan to spin at different speeds. However, if the resistors break down, so does your auxiliary fan. And without your auxiliary fan your engine could overheat, causing extensive damage. You'd better invest in the Beru Aux. Fan Resistor to protect your engine from overheating. Beru tests its products in the toughest environment possible - professional racing. It has proven itself countless number of times in the realm of motorsports by supplying almost all teams in the Formula One, the World Rally Championship, the World Touring Car Championship and the Indy Racing League. There simply is no better proof of the durability and performance of Beru products other than endurance in these events. So if you want to keep your engine safe from overheating, keep your auxiliary fan running with the Beru Aux. Fan Resistor.

In the old days, people used steam to power their vehicles. Technology back then wasn't advanced enough to make use of electricity in internal combustion. Now, all it takes is the spark from your spark plugs to fire your car's engine. You just have to prevent electricity from flowing elsewhere other than your spark plugs. Control the flow with the Beru Spark Plug Conn. Boot. High-voltage electricity is strong enough to jump across conductors. The best example would be lightning striking a tree in the middle of a field during a storm. If the conn. boots that cover your spark plugs are worn out from heat and corrosion, high-voltage electricity could jump out onto your engine's valve cover. This leaves the affected spark plugs without power and causes your engine to misfire. Your car will have rough idling and acceleration, and poor fuel economy. But don't sweat it. Simply replace your old boots with the Beru Spark Plug Conn. Boot and your engine will be up and running again. Beru continues to prove the quality of its products by enduring the worst possible testing environment - professional racing. In events such as the Formula One, the World Touring Car Championship, the World Rally Championship and the Indy Racing League, only the best suppliers are given the privilege to sponsor racing teams-a privilege Beru has lived up to. That's why with the Beru Spark Plug Conn. Boot, you're guaranteed high heat and corrosion resistance to protect your spark plug connectors.