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With the recent popularity of SUVs and trucks as the new everyday vehicle, the ease in climbing in and out of this high-riding vehicles became a big issue not for passengers alone, but also to car accessories manufacturers. Inspired by this issue and top innovation in mind, Bestop power step, the first fully automated running board, was launched and made available in the market.

Not like the ordinary running boards, the Power step automatically drops down from the rocker panel at a good step height when the door is opened and retracts flush behind the rocker when closed. Bestop power step is activated by an electronic signal from the truck's factory installed door sensors. It has a 600 lbs. load capacity and is equipped with a heavy-duty, weatherproof motor with anti-pinch technology. Power step operates effortlessly under different weather conditions and within climate extremes ranging from -40F to +200F. It's the only running board you'll ever need in a lifetime.

Bestop power step truly delivers a powerhouse performance without sacrificing your vehicles original styling lines. It's step portion is painted with aluminum extrusion with a no-slip textured surface that allows perfect usage in all weather conditions. The power step dimensions are also ergonomically patterned after the normal household stairs to give both an easy and a familiar step-up experience for the user.

With Bestop Power Step's innovation (including the Bestop Power step, Bestop Jeep Top, and Bestop Soft Top), stepping in and out of your high-ride vehicle can be as easy as simply stepping down your home's staircase. Order now your own power step for perfect comfort, look, and usability.

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  • Tips on Buying Bestop Soft Top & Fender Flares

    A heavy-duty, weatherproof motor powers the running boards of the Bestop Powerstep. Bestop's AMP Research Powerstep running boards are triggered by an electronic signal from the vehicle's factory door sensors; they extend to a convenient stepping height in just one second. Opening any door lowers and extends the Bestop Powerstep; closing the door causes the Bestop Powerstep to retract back to its original position. The Bestop Powerstep provides a natural step like stairs found in your house. They are placed at the optimal ergonomic height for proper entry and exit without sacrificing ground clearance. Bestop uses OEM quality and corrosion-resistant components in all AMP Research Powerstep running boards to ensure long service life. The Bestop Powerstep operates normally in all weather conditions and is built to handle up to 600 lbs per side.
    Bestop has a full range of soft tops/ The Sunrider, the Supertop and the Tigertop come complete with fabric, hardware, and windows. The Sunrider is the Bestop soft top for Jeeps, with a sunroof that peels back for an instant open air cruising experience. The Supertop is a Bestop soft top that includes all of the fabric and hardware necessary for a complete installation. Bestop soft top models include a Bestop Jeep soft top, Bestop Bronco soft top, Bestop Toyota Land Cruiser soft top and Bestop Scout II soft tops. The Supertop Replacement Skin is a replacement skin for the Bestop supertop which fits over your existing Supertop hardware and comes equipped with a patented track installation system, eliminating snaps, with a smooth, weather tight seal. The Tigertop is a Bestop soft top which includes fabric, hardware and roll-up windows; it attaches to your vehicle via hidden reinforced snaps. Models include the Bestop Bronco soft top, Bestop Blazer-Jimmy soft top, Bestop Jeep soft top, Bestop Ramcharger-Trailduster soft top, Bestop Toyota Land Cruiser soft top, and Bestop Scout II soft top. The Halftop is a Jeep soft top that combines the best features of the Bikini, Windjammer and Duster Deck Cover, protecting the interior and passengers from the wind and other elements. Bestop soft top halftop sizes exist for the Wrangler 92-95 and a Jeep soft top for the Wrangler 97-02. The Replace-a-top is a Bestop soft top replacement for Jeep and many import vehicles, designed by Bestop to replace old factory soft tops. It features a fabric constructed to stretch for easy installation and tautness. Bestop soft top models include a Bestop Jeep soft top, Bestop Geo Tracker - Vitara soft top, Bestop Isuszu soft top, and Bestop Suzuki soft top. The Sailcloth Replace-a-top is a Bestop soft top for Jeep developed with a multi-ply sail material that makes it the quietest top on the market. The Sailcloth Bestop soft top comes in models for the Wrangler '88-'95, Wrangler '97-'02, and Wrangler '03-'05. The Sunport is a this modular Bestop soft top that is a modular system with five separate pieces, providing more options than any other top on the market. The Bestoft Sunport soft top allows one to independently take off the cockpit cover, and/or zip out the back and size windows, or just take off the entire top for open-air driving.
    Bestop's Jeep Fender Flares are designed to blend the classic rounded look of the early SUV Fender Flares with modern, sweeping lines made with ticker gauge material running along the outside edges, thereby forming an integral Perimeter Frame that provides rigidity and keeps the flares from sagging yet does not sacrifice trail flex. Bestop uses heavy-duty reinforced impact resistant urethane in its construction. Installation of Bestop Fender Flares is simple because they don't require drilling; one merely bolts them on. They have up to 6" of fat tire coverage, and are available with 45" rocker extensions, or stone guards.

  • Choosing the Right Bestop Product, For the Right Job

    Bestop has been the leader in Jeep accessories for years now, and you'll find the best selection of Jeep convertible accessories from them

    Fender flares from Bestop can prevent mud and water from spraying back onto the passenger compartment in nasty weather

    You can order a Bestop soft top for your Jeep in one of a variety of different materials to meet your tastes and your budget

    A Bestop Powerstep gives you the safety of a side step without the appearance thanks to its retractable design

    he idea of running boards or tubular step bars, but you don't like how they look on your vehicle, check out the Bestop Powerstep. The Bestop Powerstep is a tubular step constructed of corrosion-resistant materials, but it doesn't remain visible all the time. Instead, teh Bestop Powerstep extends when a door is opened and retracts when a door is closed. When you're ready to enter or exit your vehicle, open a door and the Bestop Powerstep lowers in about one second. Climb in comfortably, close the door, and the Bestop Powerstep retracts underneath the vehicle again. It's simple, elegant, and effective. Don't worry about longevity: The Bestop Powerstep utilizes a weatherproof motor and is triggered by your factory door switches, so adverse weather and rough conditions won't affect the operation of your Bestop Powerstep. And the Bestop Powerstep is rated at 600 pounds per sidethat's enough capacity to ensure most mothers-in-law can safely climb inside your truck, like it or not. So get a lower stepping surface than most running boards can provide without worrying about ground clearance or aesthetic issues. The Bestop Powerstep gives you the best of both worlds.

    Soft tops don't last forever, no matter how well you take care of your Jeep, Tracker, or Scout. When the time comes to replace that ratty piece of canvas that passes for a top on your ride, choose a Bestop soft top. The Bestop soft top is the product of years of engineering and supplying the convertible 4x4 industry with the finest replacement components available. And you don't have to go OEM when you choose a Bestop soft top. That's because they're available in many different styles and levels to suit your individual needs and budget. For example, the Sunrider Bestop soft top gives you an OE fit soft top but includes a fold-back sunroof so you can enjoy spring days without removing the entire top. The Sunport Bestop soft top has five separate modular pieces so you only have to install the parts that you want covering your ride. There's also a Bestop soft top made of canvas that will quiet the ride on your Jeep to the point you may just forget what you're driving. All Bestop soft top components fit just like factory pieces, but in many cases exceed factory quality. So when you have to go through a soft top replacement, don't go back to just factory. Check out what a Bestop soft top can offer you and get more options for less money.

    How would you like 6 inches of additional tire coverage on your Jeep? It sure would make those mud rides a heck of a lot cleaner, and Bestop fender flares can provide the coverage you've been looking for at a price that won't break the bank. Bestop fender flares come from the same company that has brought you the finest Jeep replacement parts for years. Available with or without stone guards and rocker extensions, Bestop fender flares won't sag thanks to their innovative Perimeter Frame system. The Perimeter Frame also teams up with heavy-duty urethane construction on your Bestop fender flares so rocks, brush, and debris can impact them without leaving a lasting mark. Of course, UV stability is built in to every set of Bestop fender flares so you don't end up with whitish, chalky deposits, and you'll love the stylish lines that Bestop fender flares lend to your Jeep, whether it's a late model vehicle or an older CJ. And installation? Well that's just a matter of bolting your Bestop fender flares to your Jeep. You'll never need your drill. So get the width and the protection you need for your hard-working Jeep: Order Bestop fender flares.