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Deck Cover by Bestop

Your SUV is a great vehicle, and you want it to stay in good shape. You also want to be able to take road trips, using all those extra features that let you take on any terrain with ease and go where no car can travel. To keep your back seat safe and your belongings secure, you should definitely consider installing a Bestop Duster deck cover.

When you drive topless, your front seat is protected by your windshield, but your back seat is left to fend for itself. The Duster deck cover protects your back seat from damage due to unexpected rain, as well as fading and deterioration from sunlight and dust. It also keeps your valuables and anything you have stowed in the back seat from flying out as you drive.

Not only does the Bestop Duster deck cover look great on your SUV or Jeep, but it also provides the added benefit of improved aerodynamics. With a Duster deck cover, you get reduced wind resistance, which improves your gas mileage. You save money by adding to the resale value of your vehicle as well as reducing your costs at the gas pump.

The Bestop Duster deck cover is made with heavy-duty two layer poly cotton vinyl that resists fading and tearing. It mounts quickly without special tools, and includes a Belt-Rail attachment system for vehicles with hard tops. You can find a Duster deck cover that is perfect for your vehicle, and start realizing the benefits of superior protection while you ride around topless.

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