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Soft Top by Bestop

When it comes to soft top systems, there are quite a few options out there to choose from, and it can be difficult to decide on just what you want for your Jeep or SUV. If you have diverse needs and desires for your soft top, you may want to consider the Bestop Sunport system, which offers more options than any other top out there.

The modular design of the Sunport soft top system allows for a number of different configurations, so no matter what the need or season, you can configure it to your own specifications. The vinyl windows are convenient zip-out or roll-up style, depending on the model, and they are heat-sealed to meet regulations and block more of the elements from your cockpit.

Quality is evident in the Bestop Sunport system. The premium fabric is available in factory original colors, and maintains its shape in any temperature for the best in both appearance and durability. Furthermore, the fabric resists mildew and is treated to withstand UV rays, preventing damage and fading from sunlight. The sealed seams of the Sunport are water tight for maximum protection.

The Bestop Sunport features all the components you need in a soft top, including front deck, rear deck, and center span channels. Whether you are driving through a snow storm or cruising under the sun, you can configure your Sunport for the best in protection and enjoyment. Installation requires factory original hardware and some drilling, but after initial installation, changing the setup of this soft top system is simple and straightforward.

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Bestop Soft Top Articles

  • Bestop Series: Sunrider

    Bestop Soft Top

    Sunroofs and open-air riding are part of the enjoyment of owning a Jeep or SUV. However, what happens when you are caught in a sudden shower? If you have to struggle to replace a hardtop, or go through a complicated series of steps to put your soft top back up, you're going to be wet at the least, and you may end up damaging your upholstery or your belongings. The Bestop Sunrider is a great solution for all-weather conditions.

    With the Sunrider, you can peel the top back to let the sun shine in using the fold-back sunroof panel, and replace it just as quickly in the event of rain. The entire top also folds back for real open-air driving. You can enjoy instant sunroof or convertible mode any time, and always have a backup in place should the weather turn in the middle of your ride.

    There are many great features included with the Bestop Sunrider. The rear window dual zipper allows for easy access, while the quarter panel windows can be removed easily with the single-slide zippers. You can also operate the tailgate without removing the top. The Sunrider is a versatile accessory that can be used with any door configuration, and it is compatible with most other Bestop products and accessories.

    Installation is straightforward for the Bestop Sunrider, with the belt-rail channel system that requires little or no drilling. Like other Bestop products, the Sunrider is manufactured with high-quality, durable material that resists fading, tearing, and wear, while looking great on your vehicle.

  • Bestop Series: Supertop

    For the best in function, fit, and style, turn to the leader in SUV soft tops, the Bestop Supertop. Long an industry leader, Bestop products are made for durability, and undergo rigorous testing and strict manufacturing specifications in order to ensure that your soft top lasts for years.

    The Supertop remains the gold standard in soft top systems. Available in factory original colors and patterns, the material resists mildew and sunlight fading, and maintains its shape in extreme temperature conditions for a consistent great appearance. The Bestop Supertop features molded heavy-duty zippers that resist rust and corrosion, and the hardware is powder-coated and chemically treated to ensure a long, rust-free life. The quality runs right down to the threads, which are heavy duty industrial strength for a durable soft top construction.

    The complete Supertop system comes with replaceable heat-sealed windows that are available in either clear or 31 percent tint. In addition, the soft top fabric and hardware are included, and some kits include doors as well. You can transform the appearance of your vehicle and enjoy unrivaled protection with a Bestop Supertop, and you will never have to worry about hard-to-find replacement components.

    It is easy to install the Supertop soft top using the patented Belt-Rail attachment system, which features a tailgate bar to allow the tailgate to open without removing the rear window. This accessory is available for all 1955 or newer Jeeps, as well as the Toyota Land Cruiser ad the Ford Bronco. Get the best for your SUV with the Bestop Supertop system.

  • Bestop Series: Tigertop

    If you are looking for a long-lasting, great-looking replacement for your soft top, look no further than the Bestop Tigertop. This classic soft top system features the great options you have come to expect from Bestop, with high quality construction and easy installation that will restore your vehicle and your soft top functionality in no time.

    The Tigertop is easy to attach to your vehicle, using reinforced snaps that look great while showing excellent holding power. The fabric itself is double-layer vinyl, which contains UV inhibitors and is mildew-resistant for a long life. Also, the soft top uses industrial strength thread for added durability. The Bestop Tigertop comes in factory original colors, so you can select the top that best suits your SUV and will have you driving in style.

    With this affordable soft top, you can enjoy convenient ventilation through the roll-up rear and side windows. The vinyl windows are heat-sealed and meet U.S. and European regulations for a street-legal vehicle. The hardware included with the Bestop Tigertop is powder coated and chemically treated to resist rust, corrosion, and the effects of aging.

    Included in the Tigertop soft top system, is the soft top and the necessary hardware. Some kits also include one-piece doors for full replacement. Selecting the right soft top for your Jeep is simple when you turn to Bestop for your cover needs. With easy installation, great looks, durability, weather resistance, and a one-year warranty, you can be ensured that you will be driving in style for a long time.