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Billet Grille

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One way to customize your vehicle's appearance is to equip it with a billet grille. The billet grille is a custom grille insert that you can avail to either cover or replace your vehicle's stock grille insert. A typical billet grille is made from aluminum, stainless steel, or ABS plastic. You can actually opt for either of two types of billet grilles - bolt over billet grilles and replacement billet grilles.The former is easier to install since it easily snaps onto the existing grille insert through hidden bolts, clamps and brackets. On the other hand, the replacement billet grill requires that you completely replace the existing grille insert. In some cases, you would need to do some cutting and light drilling. But the replacement billet grille, when properly installed, looks better and lasts longer than its bolt-on counterpart. To get the best billet grille for your vehicle, trust only Carparts.

• We offer stylish, durable billet grilles to customize your vehicle's look.

• Aside from enhancing your vehicle's looks, a billet grille allows the easier entry of clean air into the engine compartment.

• The billet grilles we offer are accurately cut and designed to fit most vehicle makes and models; you don't have to bother with cutting.