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With the recent hype on performance cars and heavy drives, it is important to keep your wheels firmly planted to the trail. Safety should not be put in exchange for a cool drive. It's good that Bilstein shocks are now widely available in the market to match your race car's need for special shock absorbers.

Topping the car mirror accessories market, Bilstein, once again lead the automotive industry into a new generation of greater performance. It spearheaded the innovation for the shocks industry by launching the first monotube gas pressure Bilstein shocks.

Bilstein shocks deliver the best value for a lifetime. It is the first shocks that bank on an incredible comfort, precise handling, and rugged durability. Bilstein shocks are sure to fit your vehicle with its advance pattern technology design and a good fit means a better handling control and a longer life.

Since your performance car needs performance parts, Bilstein shocks deliver only the superb shock performance. Order it now and get the lifetime value of a Bilstein shocks for your own car. It sure gives a great deal of balance for your car. So get your own now and race your car to the top. You can also add up Bilstein Struts or Bilstein Sport Shocks to satisfy your performance demands.

Bilstein Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Bilstein Shocks & Struts

    For the ultimate experience in high-performance suspension, nothing even comes close to Bilstein shock absorbers, Bilstein shocks, and Bilstein struts. Bilstein delivers surgically-precise handling, plush comfort, and incredible control - a truly exhilarating ride from an undisputed leader in custom-quality suspension components.
    Unlike most conventional shocks, which are built with shock bodies cut from a piece of steel tubing, stamped internal parts, and compromised tolerances, Bilstein shocks are made with a seamless extrusion process. This unique process was invented to produce precision-formed shock bodies with extremely high finish tolerances. This superior strength shock body is then paired with a solid, induction hardened steel chrome plated and polished shaft, and combined with machined valving components and highest quality seals-the mark of a manufacturer with an exacting attention to detail. Bilstein shocks and Bilstein shock absorbers are the closest thing to a hand built shock on the market today.
    Shock absorbers are the workhorse of your suspension system, so it's critical that you choose the right ones for your vehicle. Bilstein shock absorbers offer the quickest and least expensive way to enhance your vehicle's handling and overall control, leading to superior driving experience. Over time, conventional shock absorbers can lose efficiency and even eventually fail, wearing down your tires and suspension. In contrast, Bilstein shocks, Bilstein shock absorbers, and Bilstein struts keep right on delivering optimum performance year after year. In fact, with Bilstein's lifetime warranty, you may never have to buy another set of shock absorbers.
    You've set your sights on the ultimate driving experience, so you owe it to yourself not to skimp when comes to suspension. An original equipment supplier to BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedez-Benz and Porche, Bilstein delivers a finished product that looks and feels like a one-off masterpiece. While many shock manufactures are only now discovering the monotube design and touting it as "brand new technology," Bilstein has been a pioneer helping to refine monotube gas pressure technology for over fifty years. The consistently superior performance of Bilstein shocks, Bilstein shock absorbers, and Bilstein struts is easy to explain-all you have to do is look at the "guts" of the Bilstein shock. Hand assembled in the U.S.A, each Bilstein shock uses only precision components with truly exacting tolerances, so it packs the performance of a precision, custom rod shock. Bilstein suspension components instantly declare their high quality and their manufacturer's proud racing heritage, giving your vehicle optimum control and performance.

  • Choosing the Right Bilstein Product, For the Right Job

    Bilstein shocks and struts are produced to tolerances befitting the aerospace industry

    Shock and strut damping is essential to controlling your car, so ensure your safety by installing Bilstein shocks

    Most Bilstein shocks and struts have a lifetime warranty, proving their reliability and engineering

    If you wonder why most high-performance cars feature Bilstein shocks, add a set to your ride and find out

    Before we discuss what makes Bilstein shock absorbers unique in a crowded market, we should touch briefly on what your shocks do. Your car, truck, van, or SUV is supported primarily by two pieces of equipment: springs and shocks. Yeah, there are bushings and control arms and such involved, but a spring and a shock at each corner do the heavy lifting. Springs suspend the car, and shocks, like Bilstein shock absorbers, control the motion of the springs. Without Bilstein shock absorbers, your car would continue to bounce after it hit a bump, or it would begin to rebound while you were still traveling through a turnneither situation is pleasant. Bilstein shock absorbers do what all shocks docontrol spring motion. But comparing Bilstein shock absorbers to other brands is like saying that a Hyundai and a Ferrari will both get you to work. It's true, but the statement doesn't give the whole picture. Bilstein shock absorbers are constructed from solid pieces of steel where others use rolled sheet steel. Bilstein shock absorbers use extrusions where other shocks have stampings. The construction quality of Bilstein shock absorbers are far beyond those of any other shocks in the business. So, if you want shocks that will give you uncompromised ride control for the life of your car, make sure you ask for Bilstein shock absorbers.

    Bilstein's line of premium ride control products extends beyond shocks and into their Bilstein strut lineup. Just like their shocks, a Bilstein strut is made unlike any other strut in the business. First, instead of a rolled steel tube to house the strut, a Bilstein strut utilizes a monoformed extrusion for exceptional strength. Next, to control friction forces inside the Bilstein strut, the company polishes its precision-ground internal components to a finish that the company claims is more commonly associated with surgical gear. With this kind of attention to detail, it's no wonder that every Bilstein strut is warranted for lifethey've made it that good. Your struts carry a heavier burden than shocks. That's because struts, like a Bilstein strut, have to manage several different forces in the suspension system due to their compact nature. The spring ordinarily acts directly on the Bilstein strut, and turning forces have to be managed in a front-mounted Bilstein strut. This is not an area you want compromises, particularly if you use your car in any kind of competitive formsanctioned or unsanctioned. You will stay safer and you'll win more races if you have the best equipment possible on your vehicle. When it comes to ride control, the best equipment consists of a Bilstein strut at each corner of your car.