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Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly by Bilstein

Shocks are an essential part of your vehicle's suspension system, so why would you skimp on quality? When you invest in Bilstein 5100 shocks, you get to enjoy the same features and performance advantages used by professional racing trucks, for the best in ride smoothness, handling, control, and float.

5100 shocks are manufactured with a number of different applications, including Jeeps and prerunners, stock height trucks, and lifted trucks. The shocks themselves look great: stock height models feature a light blue boot with a traditional yellow finish, while lifted height shocks boast a black boot and a polished zinc finish for a real pro appearance.

The construction of Bilstein 5100 shocks is the key to their superior performance. With the high gas pressure single tube design and self-adjusting valves, these shocks provide consistent performance without fade, and improve spring dampening control on all road surfaces, no matter how slow or fast you are going. 5100 shocks let you float across the surface, and you will barely realize you're traveling when you can't feel the bumps and dips.

Bilstein 5100 shocks are quality all the way, with the greatest available piston diameter to improve handling and performance. The one-piece design of 5100 shocks dissipates heat better than stock constructions, which means that your shocks will not only operate more effectively, but also enjoy a longer life. The next time your shocks relax, pick up the shocks more professional drivers rely on for excellent and consistent performance, and enjoy your smooth ride/

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Bilstein Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly Articles

  • Bilstein Series: 5125

    Bilstein Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly

    Have your shocks relaxed? Shocks are essential to your vehicle's suspension system. Without working shocks, you do not have the dampening effects your springs need to control oscillation, which affects your handling, control, and alignment. The next time you replace your shocks, go for a smoother ride and more effective control with Bilstein 5125 shocks.

    A proven leader in high gas pressure shock technology, Bilstein delivers great overall suspension performance. Their 5125 shocks are a single tube design that provides improved heat dissipation for the best fade-free performance and a longer life. These shocks will last much longer than ordinary stock, and keep putting out consistent results for your vehicle.

    Bilstein 5125 shocks are self-adjusting, and the high-flow piston helps to reduce the harshness of road imperfections. You will see an immediate difference in handling, control, and ride smoothness the first time you drive with 5125 shocks installed, and not only do the shocks themselves last longer, but the decrease in wear and tear on your vehicle helps to keep your other suspense components in great shape.

    You can find Bilstein 5125 shocks that are suitable for any make and model. These shocks provide superior control for extra-wide tires, making them perfect for performance modified trucks and SUVs. 5125 shocks will let you sail on any road surface at any speed, and keep your tires in good alignment through all sorts of driving conditions. Don't just install the same old shocks that will wear out in no time, when you can upgrade to performance Bilstein shocks.

  • Bilstein Series: 5150

    Bilstein Shock Absorber and Strut Assembly

    Keeping your wheels on the road is one of the many responsibilities of your automotive shocks. In addition, your shocks are responsible for giving you a smooth ride and maintaining good handling and control. The better quality your shocks are, the more enjoyable your driving experience will be. For the best in suspension control, consider Bilstein 5150 shocks for your vehicle.

    5150 shocks are performance shocks from the top manufacturer in modern shock absorbers. This line of shocks features some of the best technology, frequently used by off-road racers around the world. You can enjoy the same performance that is present in racing vehicles with a set of Bilstein 5150 shocks, available for nearly every vehicle make and model.

    Shocks are tube and piston structures that are designed to dampen spring oscillation--in other words, they keep your springs from bouncing continually after you drive over road imperfections. The superior handling and control provided by 5150 shocks not only delivers excellent spring dampening, but also increases ride smoothness, vehicle handling, and driver control.

    The next time your shocks let you down, go for the gold with Bilstein 5150 shocks. The unique one-piece construction, oversized 46mm working piston, self-adjusting split valve, and platinum powder coat finish of 5150 shocks ensures that your shocks will look and perform great, and you will enjoy a longer life than what you get from stock parts. Bilstein offers pro race performance for every street driver, and an unbelievable ride feel that makes driving a true pleasure.

  • Bilstein Series: 7100

    The shocks on your stock truck, prerunner, or off-road vehicle have to be stronger than your average shock. With all that bouncing and jostling, not to mention the additional unsprung weight of your vehicle, excessive spring oscillation will quickly equate to some serious damage to your suspension system. Bilstein 7100 shocks are built with the needs of the truck owner or off-roader in mind, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is protected from road shocks.

    Shocks are essential to any vehicle. They are responsible for arresting the bouncing motion (oscillation) of your springs when you drive over imperfections in the road. If your vehicle were to continue bouncing, your tires could lose contact with the driving surface, which could subsequently cause you to lose control of your vehicle, especially during sharp cornering or sudden stops. 7100 shocks provide the additional spring dampening control required for vehicles that take on rough roads.

    Bilstein 7100 shocks are as tough as your truck or SUV, with a two-inch diameter shock body and a high-flow piston that reduces harshness. They are also completely rebuildable, so you can customize your 7100 shocks to your specific needs as a driver. Whether you are hauling heavy loads down the highway or driving up mountains in your spare time, these shocks provide consistent performance and reliability.

    There are Bilstein 7100 shocks available to suit your vehicle. Manufactured for quality to the highest standards, your new 7100 shocks will last much longer than stock and continue to protect your vehicle's suspension system while preserving good handling, control, and tire alignment.

  • Bilstein Series: HD

    You may have noticed that your stock factory shocks perform adequately, but you can probably still feel quite a few bumps in the road while you're driving. Also, original equipment shocks tend to wear out after around 30,000 miles. If you have not tried Bilstein HD shocks, you are missing out on an excellent performance part with a longer life and a smoother ride, with plenty of other benefits.

    HD shocks are quality all the way. Made with wider stock shafts than the original factory equipment, they are made to last and come with an optional lifetime rebuild warranty, so you may never have to buy another set of shocks again. Bilstein HD shocks also include individual dust shields for each unit, and the front shocks don't require bump stops, as the factory models do.

    The performance benefits of HD shocks are numerous. In addition to smoothing out your ride, the one-piece construction helps to improve heat dispersion for fade-free performance. Of course, performance Bilstein HD shocks improve your ride handling and control. The primary purpose of shocks is to dampen spring oscillation. Whenever you drive over bumps or dips in the road, your springs bounce in response. Your shocks serve to dampen, or stop, the bouncing of your springs, because continued oscillation can cause your tires to lose contact with the pavement.

    When you install HD shocks on your vehicle, you can also adjust your ride height to your satisfaction. The shocks are compatible with factory springs, though you can achieve a better lowering effect with performance springs. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, there is a set of Bilstein high performance shocks that will work for you.

  • Bilstein Series: Sport

    You will find your shocks mounted inside your coil springs, where they serve a very important role in your suspension system. The job of your shocks is to dampen spring oscillation, which is the bouncing motion generated when you drive over road imperfections. The tighter your shocks are, the better your handling and control will be, and the smoother your ride will remain. A set of performance Bilstein sport shocks gives your vehicle superior handling and the smoothest possible ride.

    Sport shocks from Bilstein are manufactured with the same high quality standards and precise engineering you have come to expect from a world leader in racing suspension components. The ultra-firm Bilstein sport shocks let your vehicle handle the roughest terrain with ease, and give you great responsive control and handling characteristics.

    The average life of factory shocks is around 30,000 miles, but you can expect your sport shocks to last much longer. Since they are self-adjusting, and can be used in a variety of different driving conditions from on-road hauling to off-road cruising, they are able to withstand quite a bit of abuse. The heavy duty construction of Bilstein sport shocks dissipates heat better, ensuring that their performance does not decline.

    There is a set of sport shocks available for your vehicle's make and model. Why settle for stock when you can drive with the best? Professional drivers around the world rely on Bilstein to deliver the best in suspension control, and you can enjoy the same high performance and long life from your shocks.